Anyone selling or looking for someone to take over cell phone contract?

Hi all, just wondering if anyone is moving away from Taiwan and am looking for someone to take over paying the rest of your cell phone contract? I don’t know if this is technically possible. Ideally, I’m looking for an unlimited plan with Chunghwa. I am not ready to commit to 30m contract, but I know I’ll be here for longer than just a few months so I also don’t want to pay double each month for a monthly prepay plan. Thanks for your help.

At Taoyuan Airport you can buy prepaid sim for 6 months. Think it’s 3000 or 4000 NTD, not too sure but cheaper and less hassle then buying a new one each month.

Is the data unlimited and the only way to get this kind of card is to go back to the airport?

How will you cancel the contract when you will leave taiwan? It will be renewed if you don’t cancel it.

Yes it’s unlimited data. Not too sure if you can only get it at the airport.

What’s the process to do that? Still need the original owner to go do that?

I saw a post about possibly just taking over the contract completely, but I need two forms of ID. I assume this is something both parties would need to go into a store to do this. I have my residency certificate and passport. Are these sufficient forms of ID?