Anyone set up bilingual (English/Chinese) zencart?

I tried to add “successfully” in there, but the title was too long.

I am having a few hiccups with mine and would love to talk to someone who has done this before.

Main problem at the moment is getting the ezpages to work.

If anyone can help, I will post more details about my troubles.

I have some experience with it. What are your troubles?


Thank you for your offer of help!

I will try to explain my first trouble. I do have a company and a friend helping me but we are not having luck with a couple of issues. (If any of them read this, feel free to add info!)

When adding ezpage information in Chinese, the link to the pages disappears on the left-hand “Important Links” section, on both my Chinese and English versions of the site. So, there is no way to access the page. We have been trying to find an autofix for this but no luck so far. Did you manage to get bilingual ezpages working on your site/s?

I haven’t dealt with setting up ZenCart bilingually. Although I did read on their website about that and now remember reading it didn’t have multilingual abilities.
Edit: I had a search for you. The FAQ on ZenCart’s website is rather good.


She’s already got that module and is having problems with the Chinese EZ pages, some of which have been set up but don’t appear where they are supposed to. Even links to the pages don’t appear.