Anyone Taking the CFA this weekend in Taiwan?

Just thought I’d check. I’m in NY and every Starbucks is crowded with test takers poring through their Schweser notes. Curious how they’re handling the testing in Taiwan. Are they holding the exam in an auditorium? Are people worried about SARS?

The CFA exam in Taipei is canceled.

Due to SARS.

Try again in December.

What’s the CFA?

using CYA as a starting point, would it be Cover your Friend’s Arse ?

Chartered Financial Analyst.

Good to have if you want to work in the finance industry, but very tough to get.

Good luck to anyone taking the CFA exam this year. Ours starts in less than 12 hours. One person in my study group had a major anxiety attack due to the stress of it all and hasn’t been able to eat anything in the last week and had to go to the doctor today for some emergency treatment. This thing can kill!

Most analysts working already in Taiwan have problems getting it, as they already work 14 hour days. My former colleagues are very hard to reach right now.

I don’t have an appointment with anybody but the weeds in my garden and a few cans of Taiwan beer! :smiling_imp:

A few Taiwan pijiu’s would have been nice while we were preparing for the exam.

My schedule is pretty flexible, so it wasn’t hard to devote the time, but one of the guys in my study group was working 10-14 hour days even during the last week of the exam. But he is a smart mofo and I’m sure he passed.

My other friend was having anxiety attacks the week before the exam and couldn’t eat or sleep. She fainted the day before the exam and had to go to the doctor. Then, the morning of the exam, her taxi was hit by someone who ran a red light and her whole right side was bruised up. She eventually told the cop she had to just walk away from the accident scene because she had an exam to take. I’m amazed she still had the strength to take the exam, but I guess she had no choice.

I am so psyched to be done with this damn thing. Now I just have to wait 3 months before I find out if I can stop wasting away my springtimes every year holed up in an office reading about finance.