Anyone traveling from Beijing to Taipei and could bring a suitcase?

Hello, I was living in Beijing before covid and I went on holidays just before covid hit. I haven’t been able to go back since and as a result, all of my belongings are still stuck there. If anyone is traveling from Beijing to Taiwan and could bring a suitcase over, that would be of enormous help!!! Many thanks in advance.

So you could probably just get it sent here… there are couriers that deliver here… not just DHL.


Hey thanks a lot for the response. Do you have any suggestions which companies? It’s a lot of stuff and it is quite heavy so I am afraid that the price will end up being more than what the stuff is worth…
Another issue is that I have heard that the Chinese authorities open the stuff at customs and it could well be that only half of my belongings would actually make it over to me… I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I would not like to risk it… :frowning:

Shipping is cheap. Its a bigger risk for a stranger to take them. For 2 resons: they steal your stuff, or you are smuggling something. Huge risks on both sides. Ship them, its cheap and easy. If your stuff isnt worth much, why would customs stral them? Its not 40 years ago anymore :slight_smile:

These kinds of questions are almost always people trying to smuggle shit out of somewhere, so be aware your inquiring raises huge red flags with most people as the postal system should be your normal method.


Or get one of those Taobao shipping forwarder to do it. They are experienced in this.

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Thanks, I appreciate your comments and I’ll be mindful of that. Not trying to smuggle anything, just hoping to get my entire possessions back after some 21 months of hoping to be able to go back there some day… I think I have given up on that now. I guess it’s just kinda unpleasant to imagine some customs officers searching through all of my clothes etc… Also I don’t think the PRC officials would be very pleased with some of the books I had… :slight_smile:
I will look into the shipping! Thank you.

At least when I lived there, it was the post office/courier staff that typically checked what you’re mailing when you go to send the parcel (usually looking for forbidden items like batteries, rather than English versions of Lady Chatterley’s Lover or whatever).

I don’t think customs agents generally take much interest in stuff being sent out of the country in any case.

I’m just going to put this out there, but hey, this is really not something anyone should do, like, ever.

OP, just pay up and ship it yourself; it’s your stuff. Either you want it or your don’t. Off the top of my head I can think of four really bad things that might could happen to some anonymous stranger or you yourself for bringing a load of your stuff from Beijing to Taiwan.



Maybe it is irrefutable evidence that China has been using Uyigers as slaves after all?

Was gonna say! This has got “Banged Up Abroad” written all over it.

(No offense to the OP.)


What are you on about this time? :thinking:

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This is banned in the PRC? My goodness there are real life events happening that transcend class and power lines in similar ways. Bedding people of the ‘below-stairs class’ can be dangerous and asking for trouble.
Lady Chatterley’s Lover - Wikipedia
Chinese tennis star, 35, vanishes after she accused former vice premier, 75, of sexual abuse | Daily Mail Online

I’m not sure to be honest - I had it in my head that it was when I wrote the comment, and it’s listed as such here, but that info might be out of date. It was just the first example I thought of for some reason.

Anyway, I think they’re more interested in censoring/banning mass media stuff rather than personal imports/exports of books nowadays, especially English books, and especially when they’re being taken out of the country. I just mean OP probably doesn’t need to be too concerned about that.

The general advice is: unless you work as a professional courier with reputable companies, carrying luggage for other people is a no-no, even if you can open the case. Moreover, if a traveler has their own luggage, then they will be at the very least liable for a luggage surcharge, esp. if is is heavy as op claims.


Just have it shipped!


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And yet you expect someone else to be willing to take those same books through customs and the same PRC officials?

Crazy to carry for stranger…Don’t do it.

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Never carry anything across borders for strangers. And you need to be careful even carrying things over for friends or acquaintances… you never know. Especially over the Chinese/Taiwan borders where consequences for drug smuggling (even if you claim you didn’t know about it) can be death.

Just ship your stuff via DHL or something.