Anyone up for some beach fun this Saturday?

Been in Taipei for four months now but never gone to any of the beaches. Would like to give it a try this Saturday if anyone else interested and weather permitting. I have no preferences in terms of location, anywhere near Taipei is fine.

Hi Balazs,

Not sure I can go, will ponder it. But a few thoughts for you anyway. If you want to stick to easy public transportation, hard to beat Fulong Beach. Easy to grab a train from Taipei Main Station and be there in an hour (beats the hell out of driving around the coast through Keelung in heavy weekend traffic, too). Train station is right across the street from the beach.

If you are driving instead, another easy beach is Baishawan. It is on Highway #2 (coastal road) out of Danshui and about 20 kms E/NE from Danshui (roughly). Look for signs over the road. The entrance is on the left hand side at the bottom of a longish hill on the road.


Thanks for the tips. Got nothing tho drive so that’s ruled out.

Actually, Baishawan is not too bad with public transport either. There’s a number of buses running on the nort coast between Danshui and Keelung and the nearest stop is very close to the Baishawan beach. The bus is deadly slow, however. It took me over eighty minutes to get from Yehliu to Danshui.

But it’s just sooo typical. I posted this idea this morning and rain started rightaway… Just looked the CWB website, they say no rain for the weekend though.

I stopped for a couple of hours on Tuesday for a dip at Fulong on the way back from Hualien. Played some ocean frisbee, went swimming with the child, and took a meal in Aoti at my favorite seafood reestaurant; Hei Bai…

If you take the train don’t go to the public beach…Walk down the main road aways and access the southern end of the beach near the temple…It’s free. Also have showers to use for 20NT and a nice little outdoor restaurant where you can sit and munch out on fresh shrimp while looking out over the ocean.

Very nice… :sunglasses:

View from the southern end of the beach…

Sunset taken a couple of months ago…

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