Anyone use the Calm Essence drinks from 711

I see multiple products stating calm essence with ginseng. Anyone tried these or use them? Have you noticed a drop in anxiety at all? Or anything else?
Any health cautions to know of?

I mix them with vodka from time to time. Not bad at all and I feel very zen after a few glasses. But then I’m usually fairly calm.

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Only vodka would do the trick too!
The marketing behind these calming things makes me anxious!

How much ‘ginseng’ would be in it?

As far as I know, it’s CLAM essence with ginseng. (i.e. the mollusc)


That’s what in was thinking.

I understand the apprehension and yes it could be a total BS product, but has anyone actually tried it? Please share if you have, thanks.

Do you have a picture? So we are not talking about this clam essence with ginseng which is on the shelves at most stores? There’s also a chicken essence and a fish essence


Clam is my favorite. Chicken goes better with whiskey.

Yes this is what I’m referring to, thanks for posting the picture.

This thread just cracks me up. I need something to clam me down now.


Buy calms, put in steamer, add water, steam. Collect condensed water from steam. Add anything you want to it.

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I’ve got a clam in my throat already. Now I just need some ginsing.

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That’s throat chlamydia!

Just clam down…or I’ll hock it at you.

I thought the coffee at 711 …

Did anyone figure out for sure if this is talking about Calm Essence or Clam Essence?

If it’s Calm Essence, I’m interested if it works.

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I don’t know but this whole thread is just 100 per cent whack Taiwan.
I’m interested in both of these products.
Calm Essence and Clam Essence. :grin:

You just agitated me, I need some calming sense!

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I get my calm essence from the doctor. It begins with X and it takes away your anxiety…

Does it rhyme with Banax?