Anyone used an agent?

inquired about a job on this website and found out it was being offered by by the JonDewey agency. have a natural aversion to agencies, so was wondering if anyone on this site had used them and what you thought of them. cheers

Do a search of the site bud. Good luck. :slight_smile:

I’ve used John Dewey a couple of times, and had no problem with them. They don’t charge you anything, they don’t skim from your wages.

The schools that use them, however, are another story.

John Dewey is great. In particular Andrew. I have used them to find staff. They are reliable and honest. They really don’t charge the teachers for services and don’t charge the school too much.

They come with my highest recommendation.

Do a search of the site bud. Good luck. :slight_smile:[/quote]

Erm, how about a link if they’re mentioned elsewhere. I did a search and I only found this thread. :wink:

I told one I loved her then after sex I just left without giving her my number. I think she felt pretty used.

cheers. i’ll give them a try

they advertisied in the jobs section of this site. re-read the advert and they need someone with 8+ years of experience so i don’t qualify. maybe next time

They really do have loads of jobs available.

I used them last week. Got a teacher. Happy with the service.

damn, you’re quick