Anyone used Suan Zao Ren (jujube seeds) for sleep?

Anyone had any experience, good or bad? I was told you crush the seeds up and mix them with hot water. No idea how much to take.

I have not tried this, but if you’re looking for natural sleep aids I think magnesium is helpful. It makes me calm down, which in turn makes me sleepy. You can buy it in fizzy tablet form, some kind of German brand.

Sounds good thanks

If you’re having trouble sleeping and want to use herbs, then you should speak to an herbalist before taking anything. There are any number of herbs that can be used (in the right combination) to treat insomnia. But, you need someone to first figure out why you’re suffering from it. Suan Zao Ren may not be appropriate for you.

Why is it “suan”? Meaning sour? Zuzube is normally zhaozi and the seed would i guess be zhaozi zhongzi?

Not sure myself about the seed but the dried fruit is used a lot to help aid in many herbs being more easily passed through the stomach wall that normally might be too large. Though often many vitamin c thins are used in a similar way.

Interested tl know for sure what suan zhao ren is. Have the chinese characters?

Thanks do you know how to locate an herbalist who speaks English?
There is an Eastern Medicine Clinic near my place, maybe that will do, so rally know anything about it though

Interesting, thanks
I don’t have the characters but I’ll try to look it up

I use this.
Could be found in Carrefour Linkou.
260 twd for 10 tea bags.
Dont buy the generic chamomile tea made by Carrefour (imported/local)

Not really. The only guy I know who is a pretty serious herbalist does have several assistants who speak English. However, he doesn’t accept insurance. Each visit is in the range of $3000 and above. I can dig his information up if you want.

Another option is to look up a guy who sometimes posts here on Forumosa. He’s an acupuncturist and works in a hospital. He seems to communicate quite well in English and could be a good option.

The key for you is to really look at what is causing the insomnia. Throwing some medicine at it is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Is something going on in your life that is causing stress and is leading to sleep problems? Maybe there is something chemically going on that needs to be looked at. Figure out what the problem is first and then choose the medicine. Not the other way around. Good luck.

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Thanks, ya I’ve been working on figuring out the causes of my insomnia for a very long time but difficult to pinpoint as it has always been this way. Just flares worse at times so I pay attention to my stress level and diet.
Is the herbalist that you mentioned in the Taipei area? If so and if you have the time to get his contact that would be something I’d be interested in.

Hoe about you environment? Noise, bright nights, air quality etc very setiously affect sleep. Sound proofing, heavy blinds on windows and an airfilter in your room could be all thats needed. I have a hard time sleeping in taiwan, anywhere outside of deep mountain areas. Seemingly due to above 3 reasons.