Anyone using t-star 4g?


Specifically the “up to 300mbps” package.

I’m thinking of just getting a sim contract instead of bothering to install a home fixed line, the offer seems good, 499 for unlimited 4g.

But is it actually any good? I don’t need masses of speed, enough for hd streaming and a decent download speed for my music files (wav format)


When I was thinking of switching to Taiwan Mobile (大哥大), they gave me a SIM card that was activated for 7 days so I could test out the signal at my home, work, etc. Maybe ask them if you can test it out.


thks so much for the suggestion, tstar do indeed offer a one month trial :blush:


I have it. The NT 388 unlimited 4G package. I’m doing what you want to do with it, not wanting to bother with a home line. It’s fine for me. The fastest speed test has been 22 mbps for me. That in reality is 2 mbps per second for downloads. Their packages are probably faster now, I got mine about 6 months ago.


I just switched to 大哥大 about a month ago for NT 599 unlimited 4G. Just tested with speedtest and got 78.24 Mbps.

@monokuro, if you are looking at NT 499 but can only expect 22 Mbps, might want to consider paying the extra NT 100. I’d definitely take them up on the free trial just to make sure. :2cents:


You get what you pay for. When I call t star users on things like line. They often drop.


My mistake, it’s 288 for the 20mbps and 399 for the 300mbps.

I’ll be sure to test it thoroughly these weeks!


@Yang_Gui_Zi Do you need to be a Taiwanese citizen for that 大哥大package? Cuz you need a local to sign up for you with the T-star deal.


I’m not a citizen, but do have an APRC. I also moved my number from Chungwa. I had been with them for 6 years.

You might need to put down a refundable deposit. Do you have an ARC?


Tstar won’t let foreigners sign up without a guarantor. I was just kicking the tires to see what plans they had but they immediately asked if I had a local friend who would cosign and when I said no (won’t do that out of principle) they said sorry and took the customer behind me. They will not accept deposits either.
I haven’t tried a complaint to the telecom commission but that might work however my contract with Taiwan mobile isnt up quite yet

6 years with 3 other carriers with perfect history and still get told I need a babysitter.

But now their plans aren’t really that special as the big 3 have come close with $599 unlimited 4g plans with a bigger network.


Oh yeah, the deposit. Forgot about that. I have an APRC. I had a local guarantor for my T-star contract.


I’m sure it’s one of those YMMV situations. I’d just go in and ask them. Smile, be polite, speak Chinese if you can, and you shouldn’t have a problem. Especially with an APRC.


OK, thanks. Will do that when the current T-star contract expires.


Ok, so it’s not very impressive.

Last night I was getting around 1.3mbps, although it got better in the early am to around 15mbps.

Today it’s hovering around 6mbps.

Interestingly though, my Taiwan mobile wasn’t faring too much better (hit 25mbps when tstar was doing its 15)

Will try a fareastone next, see if there’s any better.

If not, what would be the cheapest fixed line I could get? Cht were talking around 800 a month, but I heard a cable company can usually do a lot cheaper?