Anyone want to exchange NTD for USD?

I thought I’d post this again, since I am getting some cash from the U.S.

If anyone wants to exchange at the current rate without any fees or vig, let me know. Probably in increments of US$100. Easiest way is probably to meet by a bank, check their board, and split the difference between the buy and sell rates.

Mapo, will take probably take you up on that offer, how much are you looking at exchanging.

I’ll take all the US$ you have. I don’t really have any NT$ to give you in exchange. That won’t be a problem will it?

You’re not from Nigeria are you?

You’re not from Canada, are you?

Gustav’s about as Canuckian as I am. He’s an Aussie.

Are they CB or DF bills?

[quote][The counterfeiter] said he chose to counterfeit notes with a DF prefix to the serial number instead of notes with a CB prefix because most of the CB bills are rejected by Taiwan banks, even [if] they are genuine bills issued by banks in the United States.
– CNA[/quote]
Banks must sent the CB bills for examination for NT$70 each. And if they ARE bogus, I don’t think you get them back.

What on Earth is an Australian doing with US$??? :astonished:
I want to go to Ausland next year - should I take MaPoSquid up on his offer, or get the Aussie version?

I’ll give you one NT dollar for each US dollar…