Anyone who's done international travel with NWOHR Taiwan Passport?


I’m a US citizen who also has a NWOHR (National Without Household Registration) Taiwan Passport - a.k.a. it does not have a National ID number, and I do not have Taiwan hukou/shenfenzheng.

Curious to hear if anyone’s ever been able to use such a NWOHR Passport as a travel document. A bit of a long shot, but even more curious if anyone’s used one to travel to Iran.

I’m aware that many countries specifically require National ID, and frankly most of those countries I can access with a US passport just fine.

However, I’m an avid world traveler who wants to go to as many countries as possible - including places like Iran where US citizens either can’t go altogether or can’t go without the potential of getting flagged. I wonder if any of those countries, or any countries in general, just don’t care enough to check for National ID.

Thanks in advance!

I have one but I have never used it for international travel due to fear of being refused entry.

I went to Burma on mine. Just write to the visa office of the country you want to visit and ask.

I’m surprised this post has so few replies. I’d be interested to hear about experiences too. Just got my NWOHR passport and looked up the list of few places that accept these passports (via the Taiwan passport wiki page). Can also use my US passport but would be interested in trying it out sometime!

There are many places you can go with a NWOHR Taiwan passport. Check out this map from Wikipedia.

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wow that’s pretty crazy that there’s that many countries. what’s funny is that the nwohr passport doesn’t even let you go into taiwan (without the stamped entry permit).

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I’ve used mine to travel to Iran actually, not a problem. The map up there is accurate; if they don’t require an ID number, they won’t look for it. Similarly I’ve used it in Turkey, Vietnam, Colombia, Peru, etc. all without any problem. In some of those cases, it’s better than using a US passport (i.e. free or cheaper visa).