Anyone with APRC crossed the border lately? (summer 2016 or later)

Are APRC holders still fingerprinted and stuff at the border?
The rules seems to have recently (April/May) changed that APRC holders should be (in theory) exempt…

I have an APRC. No fingerprinting. Indeed, when I travel without my family, I use the e-gates (awesome!) so I don’t see an immigration officer at all

I always get stamps to keep track of my comings and goings, and so I cross with an immigration agent. I still have to give my fingerprints.

The times that I travel with my family, I do have to give my fingerprints at the counter. My 4 year old is so envious (he thinks its cool), and he now pushes my hands away so it’s his fingers that are recorded instead of mine.

(It was cute at first, but it’s starting to get annoying because we end up slapping each others hands back and forth while the immigration officer watches the whole scene. I need to remember to bring a distraction next time)

JFRV here. Fingerprinted once while signing up for the e-gate thing, since then it’s just been scan passport, look at camera, smirk at queues. Last time I entered visa exempt was over 3 years ago, so a) I don’t remember anything and b) It’s probably changed anyway. Not sure what happens if you actually go up to a desk (or indeed why you’d bother given the e-gate option).

My post above yours confirms that if you do go to the desk you get fingerprinted. Even with a JFRV, which is what I also have.

@spaint explained…