Anyone with experience renting in Xitun Taichung?

Very new here! I just found out I’m moving to Taichung beginning of September to teach (of course!!) in the Shalu District. I was told that I should find an apartment in the Xitun area, near Tunghai. Is there anyone who lives in that area and can tell me more about what it’s like? Any suggestions on areas to choose and areas to avoid?

How’s the public transportation system there? Sadly, I’m so FOB I have no scooter nor the license. Getting to work in Shalu might be a bit of a hassle.

OR, is there anyone who would actually vote for living in Shalu???

Thanks! Appreciate the help!

Forumosa is a great resource on many aspects of expat (but not only expat) life in Taiwan. Except perhaps for information on places like Taichung. If you are on Facebook, you may want to ask your question in one of these groups:

There are a number of buses from Donghai, sorry, Tunghai, to Shalu, but whether they are useful depends on where in Shalu you teach. You may find a scooter more practical, not sure what FOB means. is A nice area to live, in my opinion, is the area around Art Street (Yishu Jie), or International Street (Guoji Jie) or lixiangguo. But it all depends on what you want or need. I could imagine living in Shalu, but if you want to hang out in downtown Taichung a lot, then maybe not.

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