Anything new after 10 years?


It has been close to 10 years since we left Taiwan. We are coming back for a visit at the very end of February/beginning of March. Is there anything new we (myself, my wife, my 7 year old son, and my 69 year old mother) should check out? The activities don’t all have to be kid friendly, in that we do have a babysitter with my mom travelling with us … :grinning:


Taipei 101 is no longer the tallest building in the world.

Lots of new public transportation MRT lines.

Taipei is generally slightly more orderly and cleaner.

More shopping, clubs, restaurants near City Hall Xinyi 101 area.

Dihua Jia rehabilitated a little has a few trendy restaurants at North end.

Snake Alley snakes are mostly gone but still has the dirtiest Taipei night market on Guangzhou Jia.

Lots of new underground shopping and space near and around Taipei main train station. Great for bad weather.


We now use New Taiwan Dollars.


That’s not new.


I stand corrected. We still use the Same Old Taiwan Dollars.


We now have these.


That’s not new. Had people taking silly pictures 10 years ago.


Again, I stand corrected.


Have you tried bubble tea?


Good question. According to Taiwan news media, it’s internationally super-famous and everyone loves it and can’t stop talking about it.


Ha it’s way too hyped up imo. Not any more thrilling to consume than chamomile.


You know the old saying : all that is old is new, all that is new is old.


No way man.
Bubble tea is the new bubble tea.


Taipei 101 now has new buddies in the neighbourhood to play with. Nanshan is its new best friend. Before, it was pretty lonely.


Not sure how serious people are being, but bubble tea has certainly been popular much longer than ten years.

The places like Huashan Artist Park (or whatever it’s called) weren’t around a decade ago, were they?


I don’t think anybody has mentioned it yet but Pearl Milk Tea, you gotta to try it man.


Bubble tea, that’s new.

And buses.
I don’t think you could take the bus 10 years ago.


Putting thinking cap on…New in last ten years you say?

If weather was better lots of the North coast has cleaned up nicely .

There’s a bunch of new MRT lines to explore on.

Taichung has lots of new stuff but only maybe interesting if you knew it before.

Kaohsiung has improved a LOT.


If you want salted coffee, I suggest you bring your own salt. I think that fad died about 10 years ago.



Youbike and other bike sharing systems.

Airport express MRT.