Anything new after 10 years?

Kavalan Whiskey production site in Ilan has free tours and free samples at the end. Worth it to go there. Even took kids as an education tour for chemistry reactions, etc.
Down the road maybe kess than 1km is Jim and Dad’s Brewery.
Kill two alcohols with one trip.


That kavalan toue might be fun, thanks.

Things that are new/changing in a more positive and/or predominant way i have seen


Public transport

City parks

Far less stares towards foreign skin types

English is way more common

Lots of small new natural type projects in the countryside. Many too new so trees havent grown up yet, meabing its HOT. But i see tona of gardens, wetlands, nature spaces popping up all over. In taiwanese fashion of course so depends on your taste.

A fun one for people not fond of physical activity is the green tunnel in the water in tainan. Forgot the name of the area. But its pretty cool albeit totally man made and touristy. The massive ficus house in tainan would round out the day as well, than place is pretty cool. I think its in Anping.

The biggest tree at alishan has a very easy ttail cleared out now. But one pf their big guys has fallen as well.

Things that have gotten worse:

Pollution (south of the north)


“Province” road 20 is now closed, cant go through anymore. Used to be a must have on family visit itineraries.

That is not true and what does “south of the north” even mean?

South of northern taiwan… Pollution is much worse than 10 years ago in southern taiwan. It made a short improvement then went for shit soon after. Although the south is much nicer now for sure, air quality isnt on the 10 year time scale.

What is “south of northern Taiwan”?

I haven’t been in a couple of years, so perhaps others can provide more up-to-date information, but I considered Huashan like many Taiwanese attractions: pleasant enough if you can get there on a weekday, not worth the crowds you’d encounter on a weekend. Plenty of stalls selling mildly interesting stuff from local artists and producers, but I always feel a bit weird about those sorts of places because I basically don’t. buy. stuff. “Hey, cool idea! Nope, not going to give you money for it.” As much as anything I liked it because it’s a nice area that isn’t department-store-sterile or scooter-everywhere-noisy, and those are sometimes hard to come by here.

Treasure Hill is a similar set-up, on a nice location overlooking the river - perhaps 15 minutes walk from Gongguan MRT station. I think that’s new in the past five years or so. If I recall correctly, Huashan has better food options than Treasure Hill. (Have you been to Vancouver? Both Huashan and Treasure Hill are a little like Granville Island without the food market part. Same basic idea of renovating an old area, preserving the style, and turning it into a pleasant place to visit.)

I’ve heard good things about the Kavalan tour in Yilan, but haven’t gone on it myself: I remember once looking into it when I was in Yilan for something else, but it was an inconvenient distance from the train stations so I couldn’t fit it in that day.

For beer, have a look in this thread. Others here have recommended Redpoint Taproom, but it suffers a common problem for many of the interesting-to-drink-at places in Taipei: it doesn’t open until late afternoon (5pm). Of course this won’t matter for most people, but usually if I’m in town it’s mid-day, and I’m back in Danshui for the evening.

Youbike was just started in 2009. OP was still in taiwan?

Youbike’s relatively new - and its range is certainly new - but I’m not sure how much that’s worth checking out for the OP. Are there any good YouBike routes through across the city? I can see potential for routes across town, but that potential would rely on avoiding Taipei traffic, and I’m not sure that’s an option.

The riverside cycling paths have expanded somewhat since ten years ago, although even ten years ago I think most of them were in place. Those are definitely nice for a few hours, weather permitting. Riding YouBikes one-way between Guandu and Danshui may be the best short trip on that; from Danshui around to Bali is a nice slightly longer route. YouBike has a fairly good iOS app for finding stations and bike availability.

There’s the new light rails in Taipei and Kaohsiung. The Danhai light rail is brand spanking new. It can’t reach the fisherman’s wharf yet, but the view is still pretty nice. Kaohsiung’s light rail is pretty great as well.

If we are talking sports, Taoyuan’s Lamigo Monkeys has transformed baseball watching experience in Taiwan. Every weekend games is like a mini festival now. The stadium is clean and organized. The quality of food vendors is also great at the Taoyuan stadium.

Maybe 5 places to eat including Alleycats pizza. Only about 5-10 shops. A few more stalls selling trinkets on some weekends. Also, small exhibitions continually changing but not always happening. And a SPOT theater that shows international art films. Not a lot there really, but worth a visit and a stroll.

Songshan Creative Park has opened which is similar to Huashan. Has larger exhibitions and next to Eslite shopping mall and hotel. Small lake to stroll.
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park No 1. Warehouse
No. 133號, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Treasure Hill is not really happening but worth a visit if bored. A couple coffee shops only. But walk near the river at night for BBQ.

Yeah overall it’s a bit dull but looks nice.

Wanhua, diua jie , Riverside area and also Ximen Ding and Beimen have all been spruced up.

Nope. Nor Songshan Culture Park. Nor the new Children´s Amusement Park in Shilin. Nor the huge play area at Jiantan, what was the Taipei Flora Expo grounds.

Taipei is much more traveller friendly, especialy for families.

Oh we got a double decker tour bus now.

For kids and adults, there is the Maritime Science Museum in Keelung. You can take the train to Badouzi, and enjoy the bike/rail combo going along the coast, which means you drive a pedalled car through the rails parallel to the beach. You can visit the museum and the fish town nearby.

ATT4FUN was just getting started 10 years ago. Now it’s happening with different bars and clubs and food.

As is it’s ok but the phase 2 that would have actually made it usable is now in limbo/dead thanks to Korea-Yu :angry:


Is that worth checking out? I’m seeing mixed reviews.

If you do hit Kavalan in Yilan, be sure to hit Jim & Dads too. Jim is an abt. He brews great beer.
In tpe, there are many great taprooms (f redpoint. Worst tw microbrew)
Oh, and Taihu too


Kids like it. It is OKish. Mostly it is worthy for the trip, the setting, the architecture and some fish knowledge, of course.

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Take the branch train line from Ruifang to get there is half the fun.


There’s also Syntrend across the street. It wasn’t there 10 years ago. Good juxtaposition of the old and the new if you stop by both Huashan and Syntrend in one visit.

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