Anything new after 10 years?


I lived in Taichung from 2010 to 2012, I went to high school there and it was SO MUCH WORSE. I remember every time we would come back to the classroom after PE or whatever classes the table would have a layer of dust and sand on it. Now it’s mostly fine. I SEE BLUE SKIES ALL THE TIME.



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I’m pretty sure I’ve had that emoji in the past and I thought I was being complimented on my post.



Fair enough. Though think about types of pollution. Dry riverbeds, or the gravel trucks from dredging, in taiwan in the wind are normally what cause dust on desks. Also dry roads, tractors ploughing etc. Thats all air particles caused by soil/rock. Still pollution, i grant you. The different now is the pollution is seemingly thicker and instead of being dusty seems more oily and suity. Even in Taitung, probably the cleanest place in our country, the high winds blow up massive dust clouds. But this is a WAY different pollution than what is seen in the west. I wont push the fact on taichung, as i never lived there long term but have family there and visit often. So probably i dont have the right to say it, but from what ive seen for the last ten years its much scarier now. Especially south of taichung. I went to the flora expo amd just left it was so insanely bad! Literally a 1 acre farm had less than 50% visibility to the end on a sunny day. I took pictures cause i was frankly in fucking shock…and ive lived in super polluted pingtung and kaohsiung for years…


You probably went on a specifically bad day because normally it’s not nearly as bad as that. The AQI is green now for example, and has been for the past weeks.


Thanks alot everyone. That is a lot to digest. I am not sure how much we will get outside of the greater Taipei area with the amount of visiting we have to do, but it definitely gives me some ideas beyond Jiufen and Danshui for trips around Taipei.

My wife is definitely interested in these new markets in that she is a big crafter herself, so we will probably check out one of them at least.


Can we talk about beer again?


Original question was very open-ended. Narrow it down and you’ll find more detailed info.


We can always talk about beer.


My wife let me buy three dank imported IPAs from Jason’s yesterday. I’m a lucky boy.


New experience after 10 years?


The IPAs definitely weren’t around a decade ago. Then again, neither was I.


I think there are more and better options at 7-11 and Family Mart during the summers. Simple Mart has some decent beers, too. I don’t that was the case 10 years ago, but I don’t think I shopped there then so I can’t be certain about that.


The beer selection is not too bad nowadays. Jason’s and Costco’s have some decent selections (even if the stock is sometimes a bit old) and a few great gastro pubs with craft beer on tap have popped up in recent years.


Last time I bought 10 cases of Kirkland craft when they had a great deal. Didn’t pay attention to the expiration date, so I had to drink 6-8 beers a day. The wife wasn’t too happy carrying all the empty bottles out.


It’s my understanding that the expiration date isn’t such a big deal with beer, as long as you keep it away from sun exposure. But you have my respect for sticking with your program to finish 10 cases of beer!


I stopped paying attention to the manufactured date (or “born on” date, as some cheeky brewers put it). Most brewers recommend drinking their beers within 90 days of them being produced. But most of the premium stock at Jason’s is 6 months or older. It’s not as good as fresh, but whatever. I’ll still take a 9 month old IPA over a fresh Heineken any day.