Anything to do on my last night in Taipei? Won't be back for a long long time :(

Anything that is not related to drugs/alcohol/sex is appreciated. But has to be really wild and crazy. :frowning: I will miss Taipei

Maybe hit a favorite night market or restaurant you might miss


Shrimp fishing?


Go to the Handicraft Mart next to the newer building of NTUH and buy gifts

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This doesn’t make any sense.

I jest, of course, but still, really wild and crazy is pretty subjective. Maybe spend the night in the 24 hour eslite? Is that wild and crazy? I don’t even know anymore…I’m a middle aged man.


Are you flying out?
What is the deal with flights out?

I always like to acknowledge your attempts at humor, G. :salute:

Find a comfortable place to sit and start looking at the wall.


Go swimming in Gongguan


Yeah shrimp fishing sounds close to what the OP looks for. If combined with sharing Taipei, Gaoliang and Tai Mei with the usual clientele of Tai Ke, this could be a super fun and memorable last night.

And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I had super fun times with nice Tai Ke, even with my then almost nonexisting Chinese language skills. I guess it’s all about friendliness, respect and alcohol.

More ideas… Find some concert of your favourite music style and connect with some cool people there.

Of course, you can always go shopping for souvenirs for your folks back home. Tea flowers, jade cocks, Taiwan beer, chinglish shirts, a d so on.

Get laid.


see sunset and sunrise at the summit of yangmingshan and spend a whole night in the mountain


THIS! Nice suggestion, almost forgot. Thanksssss

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Rule No.1 : Be attractive
Rule No.2: Be attractive
Old meme but I guess it still holds true for 99% of the population

Yes, I am gonna miss the cozy bookstores so much. But luckily they are opening a store in my country. So hyped!

Yes, I am flying out. The bad part is there is only one flight per week and it’s bloody expensive. Close to the price of a business class ticket

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Don’t psych yourself out. Ugly guys get laid by the millions every day.

Go to snake alley and get the full meal and blood and bile and whatever else they got.

Say a prayer at longshan Temple.

eat some stinky food

go KTV sing and Buffet

Hit the Grand Hotel

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That’s pretty much what I did in my first week in Taipei 20 odd years ago!

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