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Yeah I kind of accepted if I got 3 years out of a lifetime membership then it would be worth the money. Plus they have branches in Hong Kong and Singapore where I travel a lot. Well I got exactly three years because they would not let me continue my lifetime membership anymore after that.

If you are travelling a lot and intend to work out overseas, then I will get a year contract with Anytime Fitness (with monthly payment). They are pretty much everywhere and less likely to get shut down. I know World Gym and Fitness Factory has this kind of deal, but I am sure it is a lot expensive. Both gyms I believe have the ‘Taipei only’, ‘All Taiwan’ and ‘International’ - of which you can’t downgrade.

Make sure you clarify to them the policy regarding international use. I was locked in a 1.5 year contract in Philippines, but since 7 months in, I moved to Taiwan, I was able to use the gym for 3 months and the Taiwan branch insisted me on switching to them (since they are not getting the money, the PH is getting it). I wanted out (distance + small gym), so I deal with them saying that I will stay for one more month with them, and this effectively end my contract in PH. Otherwise, I have to pay separation fee.

It really boils down to what you want and what you are after in a gym. My criteria is distance from home (the farther it is, the less likely you will go), and facilities. I can say the good thing about AF is 24/7 deal (no holiday break) and instant use of AF in a different country.

Xarefit Fitness even has an app, which is only available from Taiwan App Store. They want too much access to phone anyway so I hope using the app isn’t a requirement.


I think it is sadly. You do everything by app

Well, it’s Friday. Hope to hear some good news from you @tango42

Let’s see how much Chinglish they speak.

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Xare fitness is best gym in tapei

I’ve got an Anytime Fitness membership. Some of their branches are good, some not so good. But it’s a good membership to have if, like me, you travel a lot. they’re EVERYWHERE! And duh, you can go there ANYTIME!

I went by Anytime Fitness Xinyi a couple times to get a membership but the door is locked and no one will answer the door when ringing doorbell. Yes, it was daytime normal operating hours.

Someone says ~nt$1600 a month and someone e said ~nt$2600 a month.

Anyone else?

Looking for a new gym.
Xarefit is TWD888/month in 2022. Wondering if there is any better alternative now?

Is to small for my needs.

Have found anything yet?

also have you checked fitness factory in xinyi? it’s in the pricier side though :

Oh I might check it out. That sounds very reasonable. Having more than one cable machine would be nice too, as cable machine hoggers seem a plenty.

the original branch has gone now. There is now a bigger one on Songren next to the WeWork and its now like 850 per month with no contract. I still think its an excellent gym that is well run, with great equipment and better organized than others in Taipei area.

One thing i like about Xarefit is that you put you details and card details into an app, and then thats it, you are a member of the gym and can cancel at any time. I went to look at a new World Gym and had to get an appointment with an actual human and then listen to two sales pitches and then have negotiations for pricing and then have the sales rep message me on Line every day asking me if I want to sign. Who has time for this shit business model in 2022?

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Do you know which MRT station that is near and do the accept cash?

No cash. The closest is Xiangshan MRT.

The also have a much much smaller branch close to City Hall Mrt

You dont have to speak to any humans, there is no front desk. You just sign up on the APP and then scan a QR code to go in.

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Location is here

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