Aotearoa [New Zealand]

I call it Red Star Australia.

They are lucky it wasn’t discovered by some Welsh folks.

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It means land of the wrong, white crowd.



The Dutch (William Dampier in 1688) were the first Europeans to set foot in what is now Australia (they called it New Holland then), but they didn’t think of worthy of planting their flag though - that was left to the UK in the form of Captain Cook in 1770.

That’s not at all out of character for a country that won’t let you carry a bag of imported nuts from a supermarket in one state into another state. :cactus:


Some concern has been raised about the above comment.

If we want to be rational about this, some questions arise:

  1. Is there consensus among anthropologists that there were neither humans nor (proper) hominids in NZ in 280,000 BP?

  2. Is the comment intended to belittle the culture of the humans whose culture did survive long enough to be recorded and somewhat accessible to us now?

  3. Is it meant to belittle the very concept of taking aboriginal cultures seriously?

  4. If the answer to questions 2 and 3 is no, do you see how a reasonable person might perceive it that way nonetheless?

Fwiw, any serious attempt to reconstruct a language from that long ago is going to be a hard sell, so in that sense you have a point. :2cents:

Can confirm.

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There is not a shred of evidence of pre Maori settlement of Aotearoa. The nutters that try to argue this do so to negate Maori treaty claims.

Hobbits though, there are rumors of hobbits.


Well, if it’s a serious question, I’m more of the opinion that Earth doesn’t really care what humans call (or have called) little bits of it, and perhaps has it’s own name for Itself. Country names are somewhat on the same theme as an animal-abusing dog owner who calls his dog “hey, you”.

Didn’t realize there was a serious discussion about renaming going on, was just reading something about it. Maybe a referendum coming?

Oh god. Another referendum.

But yeah a lot of people have switched completely to Aotearoa. Or use them both together in formal situations.

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Yeah, have there been before? I probably heard it but never really paid attention to it before.

There was one over the flag. Cost millions, end result nothing changed.

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They should have gone to Disneyworld.

Might just rename Earth to Zebulon or something to make it sound more interesting.


Do the Amis as the largest indigenous group in Taiwan have some kind of right to propose changing the name of this island to whatever they use to call it in their one language (does anyone know, do they have a different name for the island?) from the name that might have originated from a plains tribe, which has been mostly assimilated, and that was originally just used for a small area in the south (no one seems to be 100% sure about the origin of the name Taiwan)? :thinking:

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To propose it?

Oh dear lord… another split thread where I’m defacto first post and now getting notifications for a dozen replies to something I only had a fleeting, very mild interest in for 2 minutes and then promptly forgot about. :man_facepalming:


Could you please translate this to the taiwanese media and the politicians being forced to bow and apologize to the entitled elites?

Now the All Blacks name makes more sense, Cheers.