Apartment Contracts

My lease is up, I told my landlord I want to stay in my current apartment. She is pretty nice, I think, and said she doesn’t need a new contract I could just keep paying like I have been. Should I insist on a contract cause I might get screwed over or something (her taking my deposit, having me move suddenly with no notice for some strange reason or another person wants to rent), or are there laws to keep me from getting screwed over without a contract?

I don’t know about the legal stuff, but I think your fears are probably unfounded. But if you’re sure you want to stay there long enough to warrant a contract, and you feel safer and more comfortable doing so, simple tell her you need a contract for when you renew your ARC, presuming you have one. Personally I would welcome the flexibility of not signing one

Thanks for your reply, I agree with the flexibility, but I’m also very afraid that she might try and steal my deposit at the end if I don’t sign another. That’s my main issue with it.

I had more problems back home getting screwed on deposits. Of the several landlords I’ve had here, only one had me sign off getting the deposit back. All the others just handed me the cash. I guess there’s room for them to try to be crooked about it since there is no paper trail :ponder: Can’t speak for others, but I’ve yet to here about it happening here.

She’s probably doing this because all landlords fiddle their tax forms (not declaring rental income). It’s sort of traditional. If there’s no contract, there’s no proof that she’s renting anything. It might be best to just discuss this possibility openly with her, point out that you need to have the contract for … whatever it is you need it for, and reassure her that rent will be paid in cash and there’s no need for the tax authorities to know about it. Ridiculous, but it seems like everyone (including the taxman) knows the score.

Having said that, don’t imagine a contract gives you any legal protection if the landlord chooses to keep your deposit. What are you going to do, take them to court? As louisfriend said, it cuts both ways: having no contract also means you can walk away whenever you like.

I am in the same position but i think ,as has been said, go with the flow. It would be difficult to recover your money in Court anyway ,so if your Landlord has been fair up to now,i would not worry too much. You always have the Ace up your sleeve of the (non)declaration of tax which i am sure they would worry about ,more than returning your Deposit.
My landlord has 60,000 deposit and i also had to pay the agent 30,000 …damn! :raspberry: