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This is my apartment in Shanghai. I lived here before moving back to Taiwan 9 years ago, and the surrounding area has improved and developed since then. My long-time tenant moved out last year. When I finally committed to renovating it at the end of the year, it was right around the time the first hints of “something going on” in Wuhan were trickling out. About a month after the renovations began, the lockdowns in Shanghai began, slowing down the whole project to a crawl.

Today, the apartment upgrade is done, but the expat tenant market we were targeting is not there. Literally - I understand at the moment, you pretty much need to be a newly assigned diplomat at a consulate to be permitted to move to Shanghai.

If you have plans to move to Shanghai in the near future – and can make the move (for example, you have a Taibaojian because you are Taiwanese) – or if you know someone who might be moving there (maybe from another city within China) who is looking for a convenient place in Puxi - please contact me.

We are looking for long-term rentals (1 year or more) but we are flexible about shorter stays. We did think about Airbnb but at the moment, this business model seems dead in the water in Shanghai.

This is a bright 144 sqm or 44 ping 3-bedroom apartment with 2 full baths and an open kitchen. Four metro stops serving 4 metro lines (8/9/10/13) are within a 7 to 12 minute walk: Laoximen, Lujiabang Road, Madang Road, and Xintiandi stations. It’s a 15-minute stroll to Xintiandi (even less if you count Xintiandi Metro stop) and the Lakeville area. It is on the 6th floor of a 20(?)-storey standalone building (no xiaoqu) on Jianguo Xin Road (New Jianguo Road), so it’s down the street from Tianzifang (12 minute walk)

Specifications Details
Size 145 sqm / 44 ping
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2 full baths
Furnished Yes - Flexible
Xiaoqu No - Standalone High Rise
Monthly Rent RMB 18,000
Contact Murphy 180-2100-7480

It has a large enclosed balcony which was my main workspace when I lived there, that has a cool view of the Shikumen rooftops half surrounding the building.

You can PM me with questions. My partner in Shanghai has listed it at the link below and other realty websites in Shanghai, and its best to contact her (Murphy) to visit it and close a deal

The building is at the star. The blue camera pins mark Xintiandi and Tianzifang

Link to the listing on the website above


Looks really nice.

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Holy crap…

That view is stunning…must be even better at night.

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Looks awesome! Good luck!

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Jesus, that’s an amazing price. We were paying 15k rmb in our little podunk town in Fuyang, right outside of Hangzhou, and it didn’t look anything as nice as this.

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Not trying to sabotage OP’s sublet but you guys seem easy to impress. The apartment looks pretty normal for the price to me.

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OK, let’s see some pics of your swanky bachelor pad.

I live in an 8 ping taofang in an older building in Taoyuan. So yeah, anything that’s bigger, brighter, and has a clean modern design impresses me.

My KPI for living spaces in Taiwan is, do the rats look healthy? A healthy rat means a healthy apartment I always say.


Where are the wildebeest?

Are you paying 18000 RMB for your apartment in Taoyuan?

Just for my sake:

18000 RMB
77000 TWD

That’s a pretty nice space for the city. So spacious!

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That’s a really nice area too…

Definitely not; I can’t afford the impressive prices that accompany impressive residences.

I just did the conversation and I’m only paying 1,750RMB for my humble abode, which I’m quite content with.

But when I win the lottery…

For a shitty eight ping taofang in Taoyuan? You’re getting ripped off. :sunglasses:

As long as I have enough space for my mahjong table, I’m happy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

How much for the mahjong table