Apartment rooms for rent (泰順街44巷)



Clean, Quiet, and Independent Furnished Room/Suite for Rent:
泰順街44巷,7 min walk from MRT台電大樓(Green Line, TaiPower Station, Exit2)
Close to NTNU and NTU (~10 min walk)
Internet, Air conditioner, Washing machine
Shared large living room, and kitchen (Refrigerator, and cooking facilities).

Room: 8000/mon (1 person) or 10000/mon (2 person)
Suite: 12000/mon
(at least 3 mon rental contract, with 8000-10000 conditional refundable deposit)

Reply here or call #0931048281
Thank you very much!


Hi. Do you have any pictures you can show me? Thanks.


Oh, I posted this ad for my sister. I do not have the pictures around. But I believe she will be happy to show you the room, if you have time. However, as far as I know, only the suite is left. The other room has been rented out.

Thank you very much for your inquiring.


Hi, thanks for replying

Yes, can I still see the pictures of the suite room?



Of course. But please allow me to ask my sister for the pictures. Also, I do not know how to post pictures at this forum. Maybe I will need to e-mail you and will need to know your email address.


Yes no worries. Please email them to jennydarso@gmail.com

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late reply. I will be able to get some picutures of the suite tomorrow. Will forward them to you ASAP.


No worries. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Hi, I have sent the photos to your mailbox. I also shared them through the Dropbox. Hope you could get access to them.


Hi! I have replied on the email you sent me to know about whether I can move in by the 19th or 20th of November :slightly_smiling_face:



As far as I know, the suite is currently available. If no other person rents it before you, I am sure you can move in any time.



Hi @yachen - are any of these rooms still available? - i’d like to come have a look asap and perhaps move in by the end of this week :slight_smile:



If you would like to take a look at the room, please call Ms. Chen (@ 0931048281) to make a time that is convenient to both of you. By the way, it’s no smoking room.