Apartment to rent near to Shida Market

Hello ! I am leaving my room in a shared apartment with people of different nationalities, between Guting station (great for NTNU students) and Taipower Building station, next to Shida Market and many bus stops. As I’ve already paid for March, the appartment is available for April but I’m going to leave it soon, so the date of arrival can be changed.
If needed, the landlord offers free pick-up from/to the airport at arrival/departure to/from Taipei.
The room has personal toilets.
You can fin the pictures of the appartment here : plus.google.com/photos/10158745 … 30/albums/ 5766786404747433489?banner=pwa&gpsrc=pwrd1
And of the bedroom here : [sharedapartment2.blogspot.tw/(room](http://sharedapartment2.blogspot.tw/(room) F)
Utilities include monthly wifi, cabled television, water, gas, electricities fee and public cleaning service.
The appartment has large projector, microwave and refrigerator.
Don’t hesitate to contact me : valdlr76@hotmail.fr

Hey, you might want to post that in the “Forumosafieds” section (it’s the Forumosa version of classifieds) or on this Facebook group for rental places in Taipei.

Good luck!