Apartments for rent near Beitou Hot Spring

88,000 NTD / M
230.81 m2 / 70 ping
3 rooms
3 bathroom
2 kitchens
1 Living room
1 dining room
2 plane parking spaces

Facing Qingjiang elementary school and large parks.
New decoration, fashion & classic design.
Wanna have a quiet and residential area?

This apartment site is great.
Near Qiyan MRT station, walking in 5 mins.
Also easy to connect the freeway no.1.

Beitou market has many delicious foods.
I getting fat 5 kg already!
The tenant please control yourself.

Lucky you. I gained a whopping 30 kg!

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Maybe we should do some exercise. :drooling_face:

Sounds good. If it had another kitchen, I may be interested.


The gas stove can cook, also have the oven, the short island use to prepare breakfast or something!