Aperitivo/ Late afternoon snack and drink places in Taipei?



Anyone know places where they have aperitivo in Taipei. A late afternoon light snack/meal with some drinks (usually alcoholic like wine) before dinner?


Not really aperitivo, but you could do this at woolomoolo. Although not sure they really got the atmosphere you are looking for


Taipei too much of a working city, not enough of a play city.

I usually just look for a restaurant or coffee shop that has the atmosphere for which I’m looking. Hard to find.


What about Avenue on Anhe Road?

I admit I am biased about this place—or any other place where chef Sandy Yoon is cooking!



Interesting, I’ve been on the lookout for a place that does ‘le muscat du dimanche’ in Taipei, no luck so far. :joy:


thanks, i’ll check it out.


If you do, let us know if you like it.

I adore just about everything in there (well, except the pizzas, mostly because there are excellent pizzerias like Zoca’s just up the street!).



Two places I like recently for afternoon chill, very different from each other.

Café de LUGANO

TOASTERiA Cafe 3 Hao(Dunnan Shop)