Appalling Scenes in the Legislative Yuan


Hmm, maybe “I know it’s painful, but removing blackheads is part of the treatment. You don’t want to look ugly, do you?”

I’m still wondering about the guy in the upper left (covered by HS’s speech bubble).


I’ll show you what I mean the next time I see you.


Just mind meld me, man. :call_me_hand: :brain:


They have been practicing long enough. "In 1995, the Legislative Yuan was presented with the Ig Nobel Prize Peace Award, for “demonstrating that politicians gain more by punching, kicking and gouging each other than by waging war against other nations.”


And this is the kind of stuff that makes international news about Taiwan, and spreads like wildfire all over the world. Sigh.


I’m not that selfless.

And the process of preparing is in no way practical. It’s mostly about memorising stuff.


Official caption:

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Wang Ding-yu, center, scuffles with Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator-at-large William Tseng, bottom, at the legislature in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Huang Yao-cheng, Taipei Times

I’m thinking something about a dislocated shoulder, but I can’t quite get it to work.

More to come, they promise. :popcorn:


What’s all the hubbub over this infrastructure project?



The money is not going to their pockets as usual.

Plus it is tit for tat because the DPP is turning the screws on the illegal assets sales the KMT is getting on.


It’s time to incorporate the TWF, Taiwanese Wrestling Federation.


When water isn’t enough, and flour & eggs and stir! :man_cook: :woman_cook:

“Okay, just a bit tighter, and say cheese!”

“We beseech you, God of Rain, shower us with your divine nectar!” (The skeptics will have to concede that it couldn’t be by chance, being indoors and all that…)

Does anyone have pictures of the eggs & flour?


The right ingredients are all there, but the results are half-baked at best. :sunglasses:


As a proud KMT member, we strongly oppose any changes to the way the infrastructure budgets are handled on the grounds that it will cause job losses and financial hardship and that it is an attack on families

Traditionally, big ticket infrastructure items have provided extensive employment opportunities for numerous middle-men that play important roles in wealth distribution while communicating with the brothers in the construction companies - who themselves will now face severe economic downturn if they are forced to submit to legitimate tendering processes

Furthermore, hard-working politicians, who have long relied on infrastructure budgets to supplement their incomes, will now be forced to endure billions of dollars in financial losses. Some of these politicians may even be forced to withdraw their sons from expensive American universities and suffer the indignity of having them study in local Taiwanese institutions, while the goal of buying get-away houses for their families in nice countries that haven’t been ruined by corrupt developments is in danger of becoming an unattainable pipe-dream


Is this your Trump Tower escalator moment, Mr. Council?


I sincerely hope this is sarcasm.


I can’t believe you think that the infrastructure project is a positive thing.

I’m not saying we don’t need more transportation outside of Taipei, but this ill-planned mess is going to be a financial black hole and a forced abolishment catastrophe. Why do you think the DDP is being so insistent? Because they can gain profit from the land speculation and all the kickbacks. KMT’s brawls is not aiming for blocking it either, they are putting on a show (as usual) and let it pass. That other party (I don’t know their name in English) wants to actually question and discuss the bill yet all these moronic fights are making it impossible.

These MPs are such cunts. I’m so over all this crap.


The KMT already let it pass as far as I know this is all a show. A very shameful show.
They agreed to let it pass because the second half of the budget will be reviewed by the govt 4 years later and lots of the legislators are licking their lips at that.
Local government in Taiwan are mostly greedy scum.


The KMT resistance is a charade. The premise of this bill was proposed by the KMT just before Ma’s presidency ended.

There are aspects of the bill that are necessary, like flood prevention projects. If the fear is people embezzling money, then it comes down to the execution and oversight of how the money is spent.


I also think that the way that all the local government threw their projects in is pretty crappy. There should be an independent group to review professionally but TIT.

For instance the Keelung rail link looks pretty dodgy to me versus it’s cost. It would be much better to invest in a new line to Ilan from somewhere in the Taipei area. More costly but real benefit.

Investing in more rail lines is a good idea overall but you know there’s so much $$ to be made from land speculation who knows if the lines will be planned well . Kaohsiung, Hsinchu , Taichung defimitely could do with a few more lines.