Appalling Scenes in the Legislative Yuan


The Swiss has the 152km Gotthard Base Tunnel through the Alps. If they really want to throw money away, they could dig a tunnel through the central mountain range, which would be less than 100km long. I mean the widest part of Taiwan is only 144km.


In terms of crazy plans, they already have that Kinmen to Taiwan and/or Mainland tunnel covered.

I’d rather, for the sake of the environment and quakes, not have anyone digging around mountains. Look at Shueshan Tunnel! Second largest in the world!

Taiwan number two! OKla!

And thank the quake gods that the central cross island highway is gone and they can’t built it back. Leave it like that and maybe someday we will have the real Formosan bears back.

One more time: if they want to make money, for Frank Lloyd Wright’s sake, DESTROY erradicate tear down dynamite blow up all these eyesores in Taipei/New Taipei and make human focused residencies. With windows that bring in light and breezes, hiopefully made of ecological materials that isolate the heat in winter and bounce back heat in summer.

For starters, I’d like to propose painting all roads white/make green roofs mandatory/decrete a park of X size per Y number of inhabitants.


Yeah rebuild Taiwan or Taiwan. 2.0 sounds like a good idea to me.


Right now it’s still Taiwan NT.


Great, now if you’re a legislator you’re not allowed to stop by the supermarket on your way to work. Some people are busy, you know! :frowning_face:

Meanwhile at the Beeb…


They conveniently forget to mention the opposition now is KMT.


I see this as a way for the Chinese Nationalist Party to demonstrate to Beijing their will power to fight, as well as their usefulness as the sole representative of Beijing’s interest. Their political power has been eclipsed by DPP and also by US support for DPP administration’s hardline stance against China. Without this demonstration, the Chinese Nationalist Party risks becoming irrelevant even for Beijing, since it is cheaper and more effective for Beijing to just influence TW through media, bypassing the middlemen (KMT). Morale is extremely low for the Chinese Nationalists politicians and their supporters now.


The infrastructure investment plan makes Taiwan more self-reliant (i.e. more independent) and wealth more equitably distributed across the island. Public transit in particular injects a strong sense of civil identity and creates public spaces that gel the citizens together. The Chinese nationalists see self-reliance as a threat to unification.


All this has been going since at least the 1990s


Dramatic and spirited action! Sounds like a great show…

The China Times yesterday reported that it sent three interns to the Legislative Yuan that day, adding that Han is the only one studying in China.

The newspaper defended Han’s actions, saying he threw water balloons because he had never seen such dramatic and spirited action.


This is very sloppy united-front work by the Chinese government. Said Student was a leader in Communist Youth League of China sent to do his “internship” at WantWant ChinaTimes. WantWant is 100% funded and controlled by the Chinese government of course.


He is being referred to the police for “obstructing legislative proceedings.” No, it is not the onion.

China Times cartoon


They’re denying it.

It is, at the very least, an odd moment to take a selfie. “Kids these days…” :roll:


Anyway his cover is blown and what he will be able to accomplish for Beijing is handicapped. He can be one of those New Party TV personalities at best.


They’re running out of ideas. I mean come on, a water bottle? :sleeping:

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Sra Kacaw lobs a water bottle in the main chamber of the Legislative Yuan in Taipei yesterday to protest the absence of a proposal covering Aboriginal land now held by the government in the transitional justice bill.
Dec 06, 2017
Photo: CNA


Legislatures and middleman politics are useless anachronisms in an age of instant mass communications so the least they can do is amuse us with their buffoonery.


Thank goodness they removed the press from the floor -they lodged em up the second floor. that way, the legislators can throw stuff to their hearts content and will only hit one another.


He probably forgot to wear his NT$500 Carrefour shoes that day. He didn’t want to toss his NT$10,000 guccis, hence the water bottle.


Doesn’t seem the Gucci-wearing type. It might be that he’s actually pissed off because of the administration’s treatment of indigenous issues:


Haha, I didn’t really look into it beyond the image, but you’re right. I really should have been on this one too since my wife and kids are Aboriginal.