Appalling Scenes in the Legislative Yuan


See how civilized Taiwan is? At least it wasn’t a Molotov cocktail.








Get your mind out of the gutter, Jesus!


I’d love to do a soundcheck…


Get your mind out of the gutter, Milker! What’s wrong with a bit of dancing? :man_dancing::dancer:


KTV style?


Is that what the kids are calling it these days?


In the Jesus picture, yes.

See it now?


There are too many


Yes, I definitely see it now. I always suspected that Jesus invented break dancing, but now we have definitive proof! I already knew that Jesus could build hot rods, but this really ups his street cred.


He was upset because the DPP excluded aboriginal grievances from the “transitional justice” bill, and only included KMT rule from 1945 to 1992.


Wasn’t a separate aboriginal transitional justice law passed earlier this year?


Do let us know about it. Any links?