Appalling Scenes in the Legislative Yuan


I’m surprised no one has made a picture or a .gif with the “OWNED” caption yet.


Great post here on Lin Zhengjie, the guy who attacked Jin Heng-wei. … chieh.html


this is all a big conspiracy from the green man…

does he also get a free “get out of jail” and permanent seat in the LY in case of Unification?


Yesterday’s legislative brawl.

[quote]Legislators in Taiwan threw punches, sprayed water and wrestled violently, in a row over an electoral reform bill.
The brawl broke out when more than 24 members of parliament from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) stormed the Speaker’s podium.

They were trying to stop the Speaker addressing the bill, and accuse the opposition of delaying the 2007 budget.

Taiwan’s parliament, which is split between two major political factions, often descends into physical violence. . . [/quote] … 636237.stm


you see that big fat guy over there? that is one of the untouchables in the LY - which means Mafia.


yes indeedy…taiwan politics sinks to a new low…the nation is again an international laughing stock…still at least it raises our profile overseas…


No, I don’t see anyone who looks the least bit untouchable.

Looks to me like lawmakers of every color feel pretty much free to crawl over, step on, kick, punch, choke, pull the hair of, and spit on anyone who stands, or lies down, in front of them. If you go back through this thread and look at the many violent scenes of Taiwan’s lawmakers it’s completely obvious representatives of all parties are equally guilty of acting like total idiots and spoiled children.


If they just could turn this energy into solving problems and passing useful bills, then they probably would have set a new standard world-wide in efficiency…


nahhhh, Wang always puts himself behind the fat guy, because everyone knows who he is.

“One of the main players was Yen Ching-piao, a KMT-aligned independent lawmaker who has been convicted of corruption, attempted murder, illegal possession of firearms and attempting to pervert the course of justice. He is currently free pending an appeal.” From


It’s always the DPP starting things these days. This is of course their idea of protecting the dignity of Taiwan.


that is because the KMT is always trying to make “self-protective” laws.
A national referendum on their assets not only can liquidate the KMT itself, but also kill any chance of Ma being elected, because a lot of things will be uncovered in the campaign that the KMT is trying to “forget”.


So instead of using their brains to find a political solution to the problem, they decide to start a physical altercation, because that will change the KMT minds.

I see, did the DPP figure that out by themselves? Or did they go overseas to learn this negotiation technique. :loco:

And the DPP still wonder why they lost the LY in the last election.


they lost the elections because many people still think that voting for DPP = War with China. And the mass of people sucking from the KMT’s milk is still big enough to make a difference in Taiwan. Other than that, reason cannot explain why people vote for the KMT (for the same reason there is no political party supporting ex-dictators in Europe).

But wait, this is not Europe, the reasonable things there are not reasonable here because:

  • we don’t value relationships as Chinese do (everything is about who you know over here)
  • we don’t value face as Chinese do
    and, more than anything, these 2 things are by themselves the biggest reasons why corruption was, his and will always be a problem in Chinese societies. Because the moral values are different (and if you even dare to say that there is 10% of the moral over here, I’ll put you driving a car in Taiwan) the same democratic system cannot be applied. Or why, oh why, a convicted person for attempt of murder can hold a legislative position?


DPP lost the last LY election I think mainly due to Frank Hsieh and CSB corruption scandals. CSB behavior and his wife’s behavior throughout the Sogo scandal have left quite a bad impression on the DPP. Almost 50% of the people polled believe either CSB or his wife is guilty of corruption at this time.

Besides the guy in the Presidential office at this time, where are the other dictators on Taiwan?


Amazing how times change. The first family can actually be charged now-a-days, in an some cases indicted.


yeah, imagine someone charging CKS of plundering Taiwan resources, or, even the smallest offence of killing millions of people.


Are you referring to the resumption of the Chinese civil war period on the Mainland?
You make it sound like the KMT were doing things for shits and giggles, like the DPP of the 21st century.


did you see any public shooting in Taiwan from the government army since 1998? Because I must have missed it… and I guess the 23million people of Taiwan also. China must have different television shows, I guess, or they simply put their own public shootings and brand it as from the DPP in Taiwan?

But then again, they could even accuse CKS and some millions of others alike him of being carpetbaggers… that would be a more correct and formal accusation.


The only public shooting I’ve seen recently involved CSB. Then they blame it on a dead guy, who was alleged to be a Blue supporter.

Doesn’t get stranger than that under the DPP.

At least with the KMT, you know where you stood. You don’t pay tobacco tax, and try to riot, while they are fighting a civil war in the mainland, they send in the Army.

With the DPP anything is excusable, except unless you become an Ah-Gong of a US citizen…
They will even try to accuse you of rape, when no rape has occurred.


As far as I know, it wasn’t the DPP who made the accusation against Elmer Fung.
As for the riots and blah blah, what would you do if someone would come and just made your biz his own? Say Thank you?

Here is a little of insight for you, from Wikipedia on Chen Yi

Chen was later removed from the position of Taiwan governor general for his mishandling of the administration of Taiwan which resulted in the 228 Incident. In the early years of Chinese rule, rampant corruption in the new administration headed by Chen caused severe inflation, which in turn lead to widespread local discontent. Allegations of carpet bagging by new immigrants from the mainland and a breakdown in social and governmental services also served to increase tensions. As the Shanghai newspaper Wen Hui Pao remarked, Chen ran everything “from the hotel to the night-soil business.” The Taiwanese felt like colonial stepchildren rather than long-lost sons of Han.

Anti-mainlander violence flared on February 28, 1947, prompted by an incident in which innocent civilians were injured and shot to death by ROC authorities. For several weeks after the February 28 Incident, the rebels held control of much of the main island of Taiwan. Under orders from Chiang Kai-shek, Chen deployed military troops from the mainland against the Taiwanese insurgents. By April, Chen had executed or jailed all the leading rebels he could identify and catch, and his troops had wantonly slaughtered (said a Taiwanese delegation in Nanjing) between 3,000 and 4,000 throughout the island.[2] Tens of thousands of Taiwanese civilians, including many of the social elite, died in the resulting massacres and purges which drew widespread international attention. Following protests by the United States Congress, Chiang dismissed Chen from his position as governor general to appease international pressure.[/quote]

And from Time, Monday May 05 1947

[quote]Carpetbagging General Chen Yi had to put aside, reluctantly, his five-year plan to “reeducate” Formosa. The chief results of his 19 months as governor general had been riots and rebellion by Formosans who detested Chen’s grafting monopolies, Chen’s monopoly police, and Chen himself (TIME, April 7). Last week, Nanking reached across Formosa Strait and bounced Governor Chen.

To give further assurance that Formosans were no longer to be treated like stepchildren, Nanking abolished the governor-generalship outright. Hereafter Formosa will be run like a province of metropolitan China. In Chen’s place Nanking was sending a diplomat this time—wise, soft-spoken Wei Tao-ming, Kuomintang lawyer and wartime Ambassador to the U.S.

In a valedictory press conference last week, Chen said he had been misunderstood. His monopoly system was a device for government revenue only. Besides, said Chen: “I never forgot private enterprise. I always intended to re-establish it.”[/quote]