Appetite's 25th Birthday … n-and-more

Say what you want about Guns and Poseurs (see what I did there?), I think for many people within 7 years of my age in either direction, Appetite for Destruction was collectively the most important album of our youth. It is a shame that Guns n Roses could never quite replicate the pure unfettered rock and roll that oozed from this masterpiece, but fact is, only a hater could think that this album isn’t an all time classic. It gets better with age, and once all the trendy hipster music writers get off their collective high horse, they will realize that this work of art was the best album of the 80s and maybe the best rock and roll album ever (I do realize the absurdity of that statement to some people).

The above link is a great collection of stories from writers talking about their relationship with the album. A fun read.

Not a single dud in the entire list:

  1. “Welcome to the Jungle”
  2. “It’s So Easy”
  3. “Nightrain”
  4. “Out ta Get Me”
  5. “Mr. Brownstone”
  6. “Paradise City”
  7. “My Michelle”
  8. “Think About You”
  9. “Sweet Child o’ Mine”
  10. "You're Crazy"   	
  11. "Anything Goes"   	
  12. "Rocket Queen"

Without a doubt, the best debut album in history.

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OMG! :astonished: I’ve heard that Paradise City, and also Sweet Child o’ Mine on the easy-listening radio station. They’re what you kids think of as “good,” eh? Well I never!

Yes. They are good.

The first album I ever bought, and still the one I liked the most. Pure rocking all the way through.

Thanks for reinforcing my point. Every truly great rock and roll album has range and appeals to a broad demographic. Sweet Child of Mine is as close to a ballad as the album gets (G n R Lies proves they can do that style well) but I am going to have to call BS on the ‘Paradise City’ being played on easy-listening radio as it in no way fits the genre, way too many power chords and hard riffs. There are plenty of way to besmirch GnR, no need to do as you’ve done.

Couldn’t listen to it when it came out, still can’t. Axl has got to be the most over-rated so-called vocalist in the history of the universe.

^Ironically, probably a Dylan fan^

Guns 'N Roses sound like Bryan Adams.

We obviously had very, very different youths. :laughing:

[quote=“cfimages”]Without a doubt, the best debut album in history.

That’s a bold statement. the doors, zep or jimi just off the top of my head.

No they don’t. I rate them up there with Air Supply, though. They had some STYLIN’ tunes!
Still, I guess Axel and Co. can still fill stadiums, which means money in the bank. So they’re obviously doing something right. Not the “music” though. That’s for damn sure. :laughing:
I really don’t understand. Its mall music, isn’t it?

You’re just a hating hater who’s gotta hate. :laughing:

You’re just a hating hater who’s gotta hate. :laughing:[/quote]
Welcome to the jungle.

[quote=“Tempo Gain”][quote=“cfimages”]Without a doubt, the best debut album in history.

That’s a bold statement. the doors, zep or jimi just off the top of my head.[/quote]

I much prefer those three in general but think gnr debut is a stronger album. I think everything else gnr did was shite though.

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Fixed for ya!

Fixed for ya![/quote]
Ooh! NAUGHTY! Some of these poor benighted bozos look upon the soggy middle-American mall fodder pablum as ICONIC, MAN! Dude! :fume: The “singer” even sported a HEADBAND, for heaven’s sakes! You couldn’t GET much more rock n’ roll, kiddy-style, than that! Why, I bet there are even Axl action figures. Poseable! With little outfits just like Barbie has, although of course, much more rock n’ roll than even Ken would get to wear. :laughing:

Edit: Oh, no! It was supposed to be a joke, but no. Type Axl action figure into goodle and FEAST your EYES! All the Barbie doll goodness the true rocker could wish for, all bundled in super-macho plastic packaging. :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

Wtf? Is he wearing a catcher’s protective vest?

Gunners fans must wear really heavy underwear.

Probably just afraid that one of Slash’s false eyelashes would fly off and do him a serious injury. Them artistes are SENSITIVE souls, dontcha know? Plus, he probably had his nipples insured.