Apple Daily expands to Apple TV

Jimmy “Giordano” Lai is launching “Apple TV” in the 'wan, ready to spend > USD 6 billion, after losing a bidding war for China Times Group to the 餅乾 (bing3gan1) superpower, China Want Want Holdings last October.

“Once you become the mouthpiece of China, the Taiwanese people will desert you,” he said. “They are not stupid.”
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Great: more pro-China twaddle, slowly dragging Taiwan into the belly of the beast.

So . . . adding an Apple TV channel brings the quality of the average channel . . . down? . . . a little?

I think we get about what we pay for . . . us . . . cable TV . . . subscribers . . . :laughing:

Back home, the equivalent of the Apple Daily -but a step further, as it publishes questionable pictures without “mossaic”- opened it’s TV station. Gosh, the reporters have already gotten involved in on the air brawls, have been shot at, etc. Thank goodness the quality of the signal is also deplorable.

Problem is a copycat effect takes place, and then everychannels aims for that low line.