Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay

Which one/s are in use or soon coming to Taiwan on smartphones?

I asked about Apple Pay in this thread:

I’ve got one of my credit cards signed up for it, but because that’s basically my “Costco only” card I haven’t even used Apple Pay yet. My main hope was to use it in Quanlian / PxMart, but it’ll only work there with a couple of banks’ credit cards, not mine.

My wife is using 街口 and loves it. She’s signed me up too but I’ve yet to use it.

They’re like all otg now. Apple Pay has been here the longest tho. As well Line Pay is also accepted at a lot of places although it doesn’t work for the majority of overseas credit cards and you still have to show a barcode every time, but they have a really good points system so I use it quite a bit. (Works at Family and seven) As for where to use Apple Pay this is a current list.

Who pays the 3% fee? The customer or the store?

Would using Apple pay cost me more than just waving the actual credit card?

The store.