Apple Vision Pro

What do you mean? Do they lock you up in mikoshi?

I tried VR headsets…all made me want to puke and gave me a headache. Felt like being car sick.

There is a significant chunck of society who suffer these symptoms using VR headsets.


That might eventually be solvable actually. It’s apparently possible to use electrical stimulation behind the ears so that the vestibular sensations match the visual information, thereby suppressing VR sickness. I edited a paper on it a couple of months ago actually, found it quite interesting.

(Not the paper I edited, just another one about the same topic.)


Well, were you playing games? The Vision Pro is mostly used for working or watching movies in virtual windows floating in front of you, which shouldn’t give you motion sickness.


You’ll get sick of you watch the wrong YouTube videos. Some people move their camera around just explaining stuff like they’re doing action films, I get sick just watching it on a screen.