Has anyone seen jars of applesauce in Taipei? I haven’t looked everywhere yet, but it’d be nice to know if there’s any chance of success before I traipse all over town.
I know I could make my own, but I mostly want it to bake with, and my homemade applesauce is way too good to waste on baked goods…

I saw it at the Yonghe DIY baking store near No. 4 Park. Don’t recall the address but it is posted in the DIY baking sore thread. I get there by scooter by going past immigration in Jongshan Rd in Banciao. Keep going up that road until you come to McDonalds on the LEFT. (not the first one you come to that is on the right) Turn right and go about 2 km and you will come to the park. Go to the far side of the park and turn right. Follow the park around until you come to a bushiban on one side of a side street and a convenience store on the other. Turn into that lane (it is one-way for cars but 2 way for scoots) The DIY store is down the road about 4-5 stores. Fairly big place with lots of stuff. Please note though that sometimes I go all the way there and they are out of what I want.

I have seen it at Jason’s , though I haven’t been there recently.

CitySuper has it, but I think its fairly expensive and small jars…

Thanks all.
I went down to the Yonghe DIY store today, I’d been meaning to go check it out, so this was a good motivation. Unfortunately I didn’t see any applesauce, but there were all sorts of other exciting things!
I didn’t see it at the ZhongXiao Fuxing City Super yesterday, although if it was off in some really non-logical spot I suppose I could have missed it.
Seems like it must be one of those things that comes and goes…
Well, at least now I have an excuse to go to Jason’s :slight_smile:

Well, certain things aren’t exactly in logical places.
Jason’s for example has instant mash and instant scallop potatoes in the baking section and tinned rhubarb next to the tinned tomatoes and beans…
The baking supply shop I found near Jingan MRT station has the rye flour in the fridge… :loco:
So yeah, you have to look around sometimes to find what you want.

That is probably a good thing, as the oils in the flour tend to go rancid fairly quickly in this climate…
Where is this YongHe DIY store? ( I suppose I ought to search it before asking.)

That is probably a good thing, as the oils in the flour tend to go rancid fairly quickly in this climate…[/quote]

Yes, kage is right. Nuts and seeds, wheat germ, and whole grain flours including wheat and rye are stored in the fridge here because they go rancid too quickly in Taiwan. It’s ok IMO to leave them out in the winter months, but the supply shops generally don’t do so.

In fact, this is one of the reasons for buying separated (white, not whole) wheat flour, too. The whole flour is separated into white flour, germ and bran. You can then store the germ in the fridge and the rest leave at room temp. When baking you can put the three back together in the bowl. The alternative (buying whole wheat flour) takes up far more valuable fridge room.

BTW, we have a thread on whole wheat, rye (etc.) flour over here.

They have applesauce at the Wellcome near Guting (it might be other places too, but for sure they have it there). The reason it’s usually difficult to find is because it’s in a tin can and not a glass jar. It’s with all of the canned fruits for making pies. Found it by accident.

Kage, the DIY place is very close to my house. The street is 宜安路118巷 but I don’t know the number of the store. When you walk down the street you’ll see a giraffe school on your left, it’s about two more shops farther past that.

Google street view is your friend :wink: … 06.46,0,3
That looks even tinier than the one near JingAn MRT station, which isn’t that far away. … .73,0,1.6
There’s another one here … 9,0,12.59 near Wanlong MRT station.

TreeTop natural applesauce with no sugar added (only apples, water and Vitamin C) is available at Jason’s in 101 for NT$199 in a 1.34kg jar.

Do you remember what aisle it was in? I was there today and didn’t see it in any logical place - ie. not with the canned fruit, the jams, and pie fillings, the baking stuff, the sauces, the baby food, the cereal, the canned vegetables/beans, etc. I think I looked everywhere but the instant noodle section, but maybe I wasn’t careful enough…
On a brighter note, I did find diet A&W root beer, which I’d pretty much given up hope on.

It was somewhere near the baking stuff, cake and pie mixes and olive oils, I think.

It was somewhere near the baking stuff, cake and pie mixes and olive oils, I think.[/quote]
Thanks. I guess it’s either not there anymore, or I’m an idiot (and I’ll admit that the second possibility is highly likely :slight_smile: )

Nah, isolated items can be hard to spot on crowded shelves. I’ll try to have a look for you next week.

It’s right there in the baking stuff aisle, bottom shelf, opposite the baking pans, and underneath peanut butters and honeys.

That’s cause apple sauce isn’t a jam… or something :loco:

It’s like the rhubarb that’s located below the tinned tomatoes next to some kind of tinned snails or something… :ohreally: