Apply from U.S.....or Taiwan?

I come seeking advice from my wise fellow Formosa members…

Im planning to teach English in Taiwan (ideally Taipei) this year and am uncertain whether to apply for jobs from the U.S. or to wait until I get to Taiwan. Ive talked to some people and done some research online. The advice that Ive gotten is to be very wary of contracts, but I have heard about some schools that seem to be somewhat more on the up and up (like Kojen and Hess). However, I also read that its much easier to get out of a contract if I`m being mistreated now that an ARC can be transferred.

Any suggestions (or experiences) you could share would be much appreciated.

By the way, I have a master degree in TESOL and would prefer working mostly with adults if possible (e.g. at an adult language program or University of Technology).