Applying for a new Visa while current one is still valid

I did a search and didn’t come up with any recent information about the topic. Basically here is the situation:

I’m currently on a 60 day multiple entry visa with remarks FR (a student visa to study at Shida). I really don’t like their teaching methodology and have become rather disinterested in continuing after this semester. Since my visa is contingent upon them, if I go to extend it, I’ll have to wait until another 60 days passes to try and get a new one. That would be December 18th, after the start of new semesters at any language school here.

As such, I wanted to do a visa run to get a new 60 day visa without remarks. That way I could study at TLI, NTU or any other school. Here is the problem. My visa expires on 10/18 unless I get it extended. 10/18 is a Saturday so none of the overseas offices are open. I would have to wait until Monday morning to apply for one and pick it up Monday afternoon.

That is unless I can fly on the 16th or 17th and get a new visa then (during the work week). I could fly back before the weekend and not have to sit around waiting until Monday afternoon.

Does anyone have experience with this and can help me? Am I shooting for the moon with this plan or is it actually possible to get an overseas TECO branch to issue a new visa while there is still 1 or 2 days left of validity in an old one?


The topic of converting a student visa to a work visa came up not too long ago. You might try to find that for any helpful information. I understand that it is not possible as a friend tried and ended up having to leave. Others say that it has been done. As far as getting a new visa with only one or two days on the old one, I see no problem. I was told by an employer once that I would have to add a secondary work permit onto my primary work permit if my visa was more than 1 month from expiring. I never had to go through the procedure but that makes sense to me. I’m sure others have more current information but try to find that post from a couple months ago.