Applying for a student visa in Thailand

I’ve just decided to stay in Taiwan to study mandarin, I have a school and all my paperwork but now I need to make a trip outside of Taiwan to apply for my student visa. I’ve decide to go tho Bangkok. Does anyone know how long it takes to process a student visa? I need to book a return flight but I’m not sure how long I should stay in order for the paperwork to go through. When I applyed for my 60 day visa in my home country it took a week for me to get it. Should I expect for it take this long in Bangkok?

Any info would be great! Thanks!

I would guess at two days. Since that’s what it takes for a 60 day visitor’s visa at the Bangkok office however I have a university classmate who always goes for four to five days.

Update: My classmate said it also takes two days.

I went 6 months ago and it is normally 2 days however if you get there first thing in the morning and pay a rush handling fee (40% extra) they will give you the visa on the same day.

thanks for the info…does anyone know how much it costs to get a student visa??

Really now, a search would help you greatly…just type in student visa and you will see a wealth of information appear before your eyes…er…actually make that “visitor visa”…no such thing as a Taiwanese Student Visa :wink:

Been there, done that…only info on pricing on visitor visas was from a post made in 2003…if anyone has paid for a visa in Thailand recently, how much did they charge?

I’m not totaly sure about this one but i think my visa cost 2400 baht about 2000nt at that time and that included the rush handling fee. I’m sure there’s a website that lists the price out there somewhere

I received the following information from TECO in Bangkok by e-mail a few days ago.

[quote]Visa Procedures and Required Documents for Alien Applicants

Intending to Travel to the Republic of China (2005)

  1. Visitor visa: for the purpose of transit, sightseeing, attending an international meeting, visiting relatives, attending a training course, or engaging in business other activities, applicants are required to provide the following documents:
  2. Passport: at least six months and over of the validity.

(2) Visa Application Form.

(3) Two size 2 inches photos taken within three months.

Additional information concerning individual applicant might be required, he (she) may be requested to provide one or several of the following documents:

(4) Certificate of Employment.

  1. Owner or person in charge of a company:

    Company registration or license, original and copy one each.

(The original will be examined and returned.)

  1. Student: Certificate of enrollment.

(5) Certificate of financial status.

  1. Bank deposits passbook with at least six months deposit and withdrawal records: original and copy one each. (The original will be examined and returned .)

  2. Personal ownership of real estate or certificate of taxation can be supplementary if certificate of bank deposit is not sufficient or unavailable.

  3. Technician dispatched by business establishments to receive short term training or skills to install machines or equipment: In addition to the L\C, invitation letter, related business correspondences (and the Permit of Sale by the authority of the Republic of China) are required for examination.

  4. Applicants with newly issued passport is requested to present the old, out of date passports for our reference if there is one.

  5. Resident Visa: For the purpose of joining family, pursuing studies, accepting employment, making investment, receiving medical treatment, doing missionary work or engaging in other activities, applicants are requested to provide one or several of the following documents.

  6. Up to (5): same as mentioned as for visitor visa.

(6) Marriage Certificate and copy of the household registration in R.O.C. of the person the applicant intends to join, Certificate of enrollments, Certificate of employment or permit of working in R.O.C. issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs or other authorized agencies.

  1. Matters need to know:

Visa fee: Visitor Visa: Single Entry:

(1) Individual: 1,500 Baht

(2) Group: 750 Baht (per head)

Multiple Entry 3,000 Baht

Resident Visa: Single Entry 2,800 Baht

Multiple Entry 3,800 Baht

Visa hours: Monday through Friday (except holidays)

9:00 A.M.-11:30 A.M. (for application)

12:30 A.M.-15:00 P.M. (for collecting)

Visa Office: 20th Floor, Empire Tower, 195 South Sathorn Road,Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, BTS station:Chongnonsi Tel: (02)6700200~ visa section

Submit the visa in the morning only and get the visa on the next day afternoon. If you want to get visa within one day, you are required to pay EXPRESS FEE (50% of your visa fee).The working days of group visa is from 5~10 days.

If special permission has to be granted from authorized agency, time taken of this procedure could be about 1 or 2 weeks, the expense for sending special request telegram will be charged to the applicant.

Applicants providing with all the documents mentioned above must be aware that this office reserves the right to refuse issuing visa without any explanation to them.[/quote]