Applying for iMBA

got a question regarding the iMBA degrees in hsinchu…

im not sure whether or not they have adequate english classes even though the website for both NTHU and NCTU say they are taught primarily in english.

also, i’m not sure whether what category i fall under. i have both us and taiwan citizenship, but would like to use my usa one if possible. the wording for the definitions are a little strange to me. i got my bachelors in the states and have no other degrees.

an email from says the following:

please help![/url]

It looks to me as if you would not be able to apply for the program for 8 years after you gained dual nationality.

What does the Chinese version say? That’s more important, as the Chinese version is usually what anyone deciding your case will look at. Sometimes the two versions are not the same.

what about that comment about having my dual citizenship revoked by the ministry of interior? i’ve been a taiwan citizen from birth and a usa citizen for 12ish years.
so, that would make me … neither? or about to have my taiwanese citizenship revoked?

Are you sure you have dual citizenship? If you just got US citizenship without putting in a special application for dual nationality you may have a problem. You may want to ask a moderator to move this over to the Legal forum.

i believe i have both.
i have a taiwanese passport and a 身分證
i have a us passport and social security number.
when i enter the country with a taiwanese passport, i have to go through a procedure to leave the country to avoid the taiwanese military draft.

is there anything in particular i need to look for?