Applying for PRC visa from US with Taiwan visa in passport

I’m currently in the US applying for a visa to the PRC. I have been working in Beijing for several years, and got stuck in the US after Covid-19 hit. Now China is allowing foreign teachers to return, but we must apply at a consulate in the US for a special entry visa. It so happens I have a Taiwan visa in my US passport, because my wife works in Taiwan, and I was planning on joining her there if I couldn’t go back to PRC in the fall. Now I’m wondering: Will a Taiwan visa in my passport disqualify me from obtaining the visa? Are they likely to refuse me reintering the PRC when I’ve been working there for years, because of a valid Taiwan visa in my passport? Probably there is no clear answer to this, but just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge about this situation. Surely there must be many Americans who have Taiwan visas but also visit China? Thanks

I don’t think it disqualifies you, but I remember that on the China visa application you have to fill in the countries you’ve visited in the last x amount of time, and I’ve read of applicants being required by consular staff to add another word after “Taiwan” if they want their application to be processed.

Yes you will I was refused PRC visa as my place of birth was Hong Kong and that was all I wrote, I missed out important second word, even though in my case does belong to China I guess so does Taiwan in the minds of the PRC.

Thanks for your reply, Andrew, that’s encouraging. Luckily, the last time I was in Taiwan was 2017, so I didn’t have to mention it on the forms.