Applying for spouse and children to go under one's student ARC

My husband, who is a Mandarin language student that has been in Taiwan for 4 months, is now eligible to switch his visa to get an ARC. I’m curious about what that means for myself and my son, who are here on visa-exempt status (we’re all US citizens). My questions are:

  1. Can his ARC under language study purposes (not work purposes) cover his dependent child to apply for an ARC as well? What about spouse?
  2. If yes to the above, do we HAVE to exit the country to apply for a residence visa at a TECO overseas since we entered on visa-exempt status? Can this be done while in-country?

Thanks for your help!

I think both yes. I mean you can get ARC, and it should be done outside of Taiwan.
It would be no harm to ask to boca or nia.

Thanks. I called BOCA today. Good news is they said we are eligible to apply under my husband’s ARC. Bad news is they said we can only apply after he has already had his ARC for one year. We were taken aback. That wasn’t our impression from talking to the school. Has anyone had experience with this and can shed some light?

I’ve never heard this. The instruction just says you need an ARC of your sponsor valid for more than 6 months. You may ask to the TECO at which you intend to apply.