Applying for US Student Loan Forgiveness from Taiwan

Hi I tried and it works fine on my mobile browser

Not using a vpn

I can confirm that this works without a VPN.

This one works fine on my computer without a VPN… The one that I provided came from the US Department of Education in an email I got from them a couple weeks ago.

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You need a VPN because it blocks any ip that isn’t in the US…

Dude, no:

Yes. The loan forgiveness application website works, but only if you use a VPN. I used NordVPN and it worked like a charm.

I did it with a VPN changing to US IP

Apologies for not keeping up, but no one is getting bailed out just yet, right? Isn’t it still blocked from taking effect?

Supreme Court has refused to block it. It’s looking like it’s probably a done deal at this point.


Works fine from Australia

I used VPN + Incognito mode and worked perfectly

Out of curiosity, what are the major reasons for being unable to pay back your student loans?

I would guess no money.


Who… me?

It’s not that I am unable to pay back the loans… it’s just that I’ve been paying them for years and I’m below $10k USD now so this wipes my student debt clean. I can spend that money elsewhere now… family, vacations, investment, whatever I want.


I’m not paying mine because they deported me. But I’m still applying for the forgiveness in case I somehow goes back there. It would remove half of my debt burden.

You can get student loans as a non-citizen? Or did you renounce?

I was a permenant resident. They can get student loans

So did anyone get any response for student loan forgiveness?

I got an email saying that I qualify but due to some lawsuits it may take a while to discharge it…

Who is sueing about this?

This program is available for anyone who no longer wishes to pay back their student loans, whether they are able to. I think pretty much everyone qualifies. (I don’t remember what the qualifications are.)

You need to make below $100 thousand something dollars… like $150,000 or something… can’t remember the exact figure, Google is your friend.