Applying for US Student Loan Forgiveness from Taiwan

I think people that don’t pay it back IN ANY COUNTRY should

–have enforced national service
–not be allowed a passport
– if they’re Canadian—added to databases prohibiting them from buying alcohol, guns or cannabis

That’s a bit harsh to our Canadian friends, don’t you think?

Yeah seems about right. So yeah, that’s basically most people.

Why should we pay it back when the debt has already been cancelled? There’s nothing to pay, and they’ve already stopped accepting payments from me.

I’d be okay to some day repay the debt in form of a donation to my university… as long as there is some way to make sure it goes to something useful and not toward these useless majors being pushed by Marxists.


Forgive my ignorance but isn’t there a court challenge and not full forgiveness nonetheless?

I like to angle it as innovative proposals :joy:

There is a court challenge, but it won’t go anywhere. It’s pretty much already a done deal. Payments have already been paused since 2020.

And it is a full forgiveness as far as I know. At least it is for me, but maybe there is an upper limit.

Yeah, I think courses involving CRT or Simone de Boooooooooo (Bouvier)
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: should involve the uni paying the students

It is only applicable after you have made 120 qualifying payments. If you have, I have no objections to forgiveness.

I am against a Che-loving arts grad borrowing 100 k to get a Cuban studies degree and then getting a barista position and paying jack-donkey-shit. :laughing:

Damn, in that case I don’t qualify. But they said I qualified.

I think the university should share in the risks involved in borrowing. Right now universities basically waste money in useless programs.

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You likely qualify for certain parts.

Good summary here. The reference for 120 is only for PSLF
The Biden-Harris Administration’s Student Debt Relief Plan Explained | Federal Student Aid

How would the county make a difference?

I had no problem applying, but nearly everything I do on my home computer is through a US VPN, so perhaps that’s why.

It’s $125k, or $250k if married filing jointly. Thankfully it’s AGI, and if you’re working overseas your AGI is low due to the FEIE.

The original title of this thread didn’t mention what country’s student aid the OP was asking about.

Okay, but country and county aren’t the same thing, and it shouldn’t be hard to deduce what this is about.

Different countries, different situations and requirements???