Appropriate Gift Ideas

I will be traveling to Taipei next week for business to visit the Taipei branch office of my company. We have 6 employees working there who I would like to bring gifts for. All are female in there 20’s except for the manager who is in her 50’s. Can you recommend appropriate gifts? (I will be giving each a red envelope, so this will be in addition to that.)

Sorry if this is not the correct forum but I was having difficulty figuring out where to ask this question.


Hello, See, welcome to the 'mosa.

Where will you be coming from? What city is the company based? In order to see if appropriate local treats or specialties may be attractive to Taiwanese.

[quote=“Icon”]Hello, See, welcome to the 'mosa.

Where will you be coming from? What city is the company based? In order to see if appropriate local treats or specialties may be attractive to Taiwanese.[/quote]

I’m guessing he’s from San Francisco.

high end Chocolatiers seems popular recently in San Francisco (not talking about Ghirardelli, chocolatiers… you know what I mean…stuff like Recchiuti Confections). They should do pretty well with the ladies.

just don’t buy Chocolate truffles, as they melt during travel.

I might be imposing my own personal preference here, but don’t get overly sweet chocolates either.

what else is there to get in San Fran… wine? Buster Posey autographed jersey? ok… i am imposing my own preference again…

And it is for the ladies… even harder.

If from Frisco, then everyone brings See’s chocolates -even though there is a store now in Taipei. :stuck_out_tongue: Problem is not many Taiwanese like chocolate… To be safe, must be something else…

Hansioux - I was going to bring a big box for the office in general. Recchiuti is a great suggestion, there stuff is amazing. Like Icon says though, I don’t think all of the employees like chocolate so I am trying to thing of something different for individual gifts. BTW, if I had a Buster Posey autographed jersey, I think that would be a gift I would give myself!

Icon - I am from San Francisco. We are a mountain bike company and are based just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Not sure if that helps.

What American products, brands, music, movies, etc. are popular in Taiwan right now among the 20 something age group?

A box of See’s Nuts and Chews.

For the odd person who doesn’t like them, they’ll be able to pass them on to family and friends and score megapoints.

Would coffee/tea mugs from a well known local pottery be good gifts? Perhaps combined with some local coffee?

Sounds like a plan. I brought some First Nations motifs mugs from Canada and the locals liked them. Cute stuff they like.

If by local coffee you mean Central American mixes -smug, smug, just kidding- yes, coffee is considered a nice gift -I have brought it for the bosses myself- as long as it looks fancy packed and such -flavor is not much of an issue, difficult to tell, it’s split between bitter lowers and soft morning mix likies.

So, basically, you’re set: coffee mugs, coffee, cookies, chocolates, should please the ladies. Coffee mugs are a bit common here, but there are many different designs and some can be very expensive. The ones peopole use a lot here are Thermos kind, to keep on drinking tea all afternoon…

Would this be considered a cool mug to have?

Would this be considered a cool mug to have?[/quote]

Mmm, that looks very simple and elegant. If they know it is from a famous house, they may like it more.

Let me give you a few examples of what we have here: … id=2261224 … id=3680363 … id=3827594

This one reminds me of yours:

Something that is hard to find here -dunno why- and I have heard a couple of colleagues wanting is those shaped things to put leaves in and brew tea. Here we have round ones, ones like leaves… but in the US they have the ones like Titanic and other cool stuff. Another idea if you need something else to give.