Appropriate gifts for someone coming from abroad

What would be an appropriate gift or gifts from an adoptive family coming to Taiwan to take their child back to their country? They are asking about gifts for (1) the birth mother, (2) the orphanage and (3) people who have helped with the process.

I’m guessing the orphanage would really be most interested in a little red envelope, but that may be impossible. Not sure what the regulations are on the US side, which takes a slightly different view of money gifts than the Taiwanese do. :smiley:

The suggestions that have been made elsewhere already include body lotion and that sort of thing. I’m not sure how well most orphanages in Taiwan are getting along, but I’ve never heard of a charity organization that couldn’t use cash or solid equipment for whatever they were trying to do. Maybe a quick trip to Costco for a baby seat or something? Just speculating – what do y’all think?

Is it customary here in Taiwan to give the birth mother and the orphanage a gift when adopting a child? If it were me, I’d probably write a heart-felt letter to the birth mother about what a gift I am receiving and have it translated. That would be something she could keep forever. Or maybe she could put together a photo album of their home, neighborhood and family so the birth mother knows her child will be going somewhere safe and loving instead of wondering…
I think the Costco idea for the orphanage is a good one… depending on the state of them. Diapers are always a good thing. If the adoptive mother plans on keeping the Taiwanese birth mother up to date with photos etc throughout the child’s life… that’s kind of a big gift already, no?