Approximately how much would it cost for a return ticket to Melbourne, Australia during mid December?

I was just wondering how much it is going to cost me to fly Taipei to Melbourne on Dec the 11th or 12th returning to Taipei on the 13th or 14th. “Preferably not with China Airlines”. I have to return for my brother’s wedding on the 13th and just want to figure what I should expect to pay at this time. I am in Melbourne at the moment but will be arriving in Taiwan next Thursday. I have already bought a yearly ticket from here in Melbourne and I am intending on buying the other probably 35 day ticket in Taiwan. Is it cheaper to buy it in Australia or Taiwan? Also what will happen if I am granted a work permit in the first month and I have to leave the country for a few days?? If I am not able to find work quickly and are not issued with a work permit sometime between Oct 30th - Dec 13 what will be my status?? Will I have to just apply for an extension on my visitor visa?? Can I get a re-entry permit like they have in Japan?? Should I expect to have any problems with visas?? Cheers Erick.

There’s a few issues there.

You more than likely not going to get a work permit that fast. As I recall you were going to hunt for a job. The application can take up to a month with all the frigging around. I’m not sure you can leave the country until you get everything sorted without blowing it all. Once you leave on a 60 day visitor visa its kaput, no re-entry. You can get a landing visa for one month but that’ll be too short. Bummer.

What I’d do, and granted this is a hassle. Is get a 60 day extendable visa in Melbourne and tell them that you intend to return to Australia for a wedding in December and ask how long it would take to get another 60 day extendable when you dart back.

Direct flights are more expensive and particularly at that time of the year. Not sure what the ticket prices are like but you may consider getting one in Oz. I just got a super cheap deal with Vietnam Ailines Taipei~Saigon ~Sydney (there’s a 12 hour stop in Saigon) return for NT$18,000 - here in Taipei obviously. However, I was told they haven’t announced the peak seasonal hike as yet. Viet Air have a code sharing deal with China Scare so you could get unlucky. Otherwise its a great airline. Thai air wanted NT$28,000 Taipei - BKK - Sydney return. Prices for Melbourne and Sydney tickets are usually the same.


I just booked Tpe-Bkk-Sydney return for January with Margaret at Astor for $25k. Prices good on all Thai airlines flights to Oz and Europe.


AFAIK you can’t buy reverse tickets, so if you fly Australia - Taiwan - Australia you must purchase it ‘down under’.
If you fly Taiwan - Australia - Taiwan you must purchase it in Taiwan.

Not sure, you maybe able to come back on a visitor or landing visa (if applicable).
Else you can opt for what I had to do: my applications were being processed but my (landing) visa expired before they were finally approved. I had to choose any Taiwanese represantative office (aka TECO) overseas and the documents were sent there. Then I had to leave the country and visit said office which would issue the visa/re-entry permit (sticker in my passport).
I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and it took 3 days only.

Illegal Alien. :wink:


Not sure if they allow that; my re-entry permit is only valid together with my visa and/or ARC (Alien Residence Certificate).

Not if all your documents are in order and the employer assists you with the processing.

any idea how much is the ticket on july TPE - SYD - TPE