Apps that take traditional Chinese dictation

I usually use dragon dictation when I have to text things in Chinese to someone who can’t read English. It lets me speak in Chinese and dictates the words in traditional Chinese. It was pretty good about getting it right. I’m awful at using pinyin and using the pad to draw each word is a hassle and some words I just forget. Dragon dictation for some reason didn’t update their app for the iPhones new iOS update and I can’t use it. Any good ones out there?

No dictation app needed. The Google input keyboard on my phone simply recognizes when I talk in Chinese or English and writes it out automatically in whatever language I’m speaking. It works anywhere (in any app) a keyboard pops up. I can even jump between languages if speaking very clearly and my Chinese tones are good enough on those words.

I use it for simple messages or for long dictation.

I think I’ve seen my friends with iPhones doing something similar.

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I am new to Taiwan so No Speeky Chinese (yet).

But on my Mac or my iPhone I can speak in Korean and it dictates very well. I hate typing Korean so it is a godsend.

I see Chinese using the iPhone dictation all the time.

I haven’t tried going between English and Korean in the same sentence though.