APRC After Gold Card - What are the rules?

Thanks Irish. No visa run for me. It’s already been approved.


This is so stupid. It seems like almost everyone applying for an APRC has the same issue (I did too). They should just leave that field off the form so people don’t think they need to fill it in.

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Do citizens even need to use NIA services?

I’m not sure. I did wonder before (and may have asked here) who else needs to use that webpage for them to have bothered including a field that breaks the search query when APRC applicants enter something in it. :man_shrugging:

Reading the note though it does appear you can use the ID number but you rather need to enter either the Receive No or ID number, not both for it to work.


Yeah, the badly photocopied Chinese-only instruction sheet they give you also only highlights three of the four fields and not the ID number field, and the latter also doesn’t have an asterisk indicating it’s essential.

Once someone has told you not to complete the ID number field, it’s fairly easy to notice those things… but who really bothers reading the instructions for something that should be so simple? It’s like they’ve deliberately designed it to be the opposite of intuitive and user-friendly.

Even adding something like “Please complete either the Receive No. or the ID No. field” to the webpage would resolve the confusion, and that should be pretty obvious to anyone designing webpages like this.

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…and not to mention requiring people to manually type out an 85-character case-sensitive URL with underscores and unnecessary extensions and stuff:


Any vaguely competent organization/web designer would just use a much more user-friendly redirect, something like:




My receipt has a QR code, but it didn’t work :roll_eyes:

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I filed my taxes today and then went to apply for my APRC. My income, as shown on my TW tax form, is below the minimum threshold. Most my income is from the US, and they only count a fraction of it for TW tax purposes.

I told the lady at Immigration and she wrote some long thing down in Chinese and told me to take it to the tax office and ask for that, to include my US income. But somehow I don’t have the note she wrote for me. All I know is after all of the writing I think she put “(5)”…?

Any idea what that could be? I’m not even sure if she’s right.

My other option is to transfer the 5M NT but that’s a pain.

It depends on the type of income: If it’s income for services performed from within Taiwan, it should be included in the Taiwanese income for tax purposes.

Income from dividends, capital gains, rent, … will not be taxable as Taiwan-sourced income.

But it can count for APRC?

Is it correct that they can give me something that includes US capital gains income anyways? I showed the immigration lady my tax return and she’s suggesting there’s something else the tax dept can give me.

The way they computer my tax here, they write my income in USD and then show it being multiplied by a fraction representing the number of hours I work / 40, then converted to NTD. But the USD amount they wrote doesn’t match one on my US tax return so I’m not sure what it even includes. It says category 92, but I can’t find a list of income categories. It’s not my salary, as that’s on another line.

I don’t have the answer to your questions but this is something I’m also interested in. Mind sharing what types of income you showed them, active income from a job, or investment income, rental income? I remember reading on this forum that they don’t count foreign passive income. I don’t know for sure.

Maybe go back and see if you can find the same lady. She’d remember and could write it down for you again. Take a picture and ask someone to translate it for you?

The transfer itself could be straightforward. There’re also questions such as:

  • Is cash OK or it needs to be invested (in stocks on a local stock exchange)? More work to do if it needs to be invested.
  • How long does the fund need to be in your local account before you can use it to satisfy the financial requirement?
  • Joint account OK?

Cash is OK. Even in the bank as USD is ok.

Strange - never heard of that. Maybe something do to with reducing double taxation for US tax payers…?

Or did you stay in Taiwan less than 300 days? Then, they’ll also adjust foreign salary income based on the number of days staying in Taiwan.

Otherwise, just curious if that might be a way to save on taxes I haven’t heard about yet.

Category 92 shows as “other income” on my tax receipt (I received category 92 income for the account opening bonus for my Richart account).

I declared my (foreign) salary as “5F” income. If you declare it that way, it should definitely count.

However, if you go back to the tax department and argue about reclassifying your income, your tax bill might also increase. It could be that the employee at the tax department actually made an error in their calculation in your favor and going back there could have then recalculating your tax bill… So maybe (if you have the chance), using the money transfer might be the easiest way in your situation…

They’ve done it this way for three years, mainly cause after they did it the first time, which seemed to be an on-the-spot idea, I liked it so I show them the previous returns when I go.

They have my salary on there, category 5F, and then, I just figured it out, the other amount is my (US) business income. Specifically, from form K1.

Then they had asked me how many hours per week I work, and yeah just came up with this hours/40 thing. I had to get my business partner to sign something with my number of hours on it. It’s really low, but true.

It’s a very weird calculation for sure. The idea was they would tax me only on work performed while in Taiwan, even tho it’s all of my work… :man_shrugging:

But even that full US amount is below the level needed this year. My total income taxable in the US would be over it tho.

fyi I stay in Taiwan basically all year

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It’s always amazing how much leeway some tax officers seem to have. And how strict the ones are I always seem to get… :zipper_mouth_face:

It really sounds like you better just transfer those 5M if you have them somewhat easily available.

Going back to the tax office and starting a discussion about including more income doesn’t sound like a beneficial move overall in your situation as it could lead to you just having to pay tax on your entire income (and losing the adjustment based on the time worked). I wouldn’t risk it in your situation…

Good to know. If there isn’t a requirement for how long the fund needs to be in your account, or if there is one but not too long, this could be the easiest way w/o having to deal with what counts what doesn’t, and how the numbers are calculated.