APRC After Gold Card - What are the rules?

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-I’m reading the authentication procedures on the Houston TECO website. In order to have my police report authenticated, I must present my passport or drivers license (don’t have one any more) by mail or in person. Are people really mailing their passport overseas for this? Can another local agency do this?

This may be my answer. Input still welcomed

C. Where the foreign-language police criminal record certificate is issued (or authenticated) by the embassy/consulate or representative office in the R.O.C. (Taiwan) of the country concerned, in which case the original must be reauthenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and its Chinese translation must be notarized by a court or a notary public in Taiwan.

-I’m on my second gold card. Do I really need to wait until expiration to apply? That would force me into applying for a visa that I really don’t need/want.

You can apply for APRC 3 years since the date when your first gold card got approved


The answer is No. Must be done overseas. The excerpt is for re-authentication, so I have to do that too. So my options are to mail my passport or fly to US. I really really don’t like this.

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don’t they accept a nortarized copy of your passport?

You are correct! Why didn’t they tell me that over the phone! There is an art to asking questions. I guess this is why AI prompt engineers get paid the big bucks.
I can see reference to that in some APRC threads from 2011. I should try harder.

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My gold card expires April 1st.

I don’t actually use the tax benefits, so seems I may as well get an APRC instead of sticking with GC another 3 years.

I can apply for renewal of the GC online, tho timing might be tight (?).

Or can just go apply for an ARC extension, which seems pretty quick and easy. You just need your passport and current card if you haven’t been out of the country for an extended period?

I was excited for a minute reading the earlier posts about being able to apply for citizenship after two years now, but I’m assuming that doesn’t apply to all GC holders, only those actually doing something really meaningful. My GC qualification was just having 10 years of experience in tech, and I don’t work for a company here.

So actually the renewal of the GC online term might be confusing and actually there isn’t really any tight timing for it, since 2021 you can extend rather than only renew and in your case since your Gold Card hasn’t expired yet then I think applying for an extension within 4 months of the expiration date could be a better option… even if your GC is about to expire you can apply for a 6 months ARC extension and when it’s approved the GC will continue on since it’s expiry date.

What is the difference between re-application and extension?

“Re-application” (also referred to as “renewal” on the Online Application Portal) is the term used for: 1) those who apply for a new Gold Card after their first Gold Card expires or, 2) those who applied for a second Gold Card before 10/25/2021. The start date of the new Gold Card begins on the approval date of the re-application.

“Extension” is the term used for those who apply for a new Gold Card before the first card expires and applied for it after (and including) 10/25/2021. You may apply for extension up to 4 months prior to your card’s expiration date, but no earlier. In this case, the start date of the new Gold Card is linked to the first Gold Card. For example, if your first card expires on 11/25, then your new card’s start date will begin on 11/25.

Please note that the application button is different for the “re-application” and the “extension”, although required documents are the same. In both cases, you must continue to meet the criteria you previously qualified for. If you change any criteria, then you will need to meet the qualifications of the new criteria.
What is the difference between re-application and extension? | Taiwan Gold Card

If you don’t need to maintain an open-work permit or tax benefits then this can be an ideal option. There is also a residency requirement for applying for the APRC and a requirement to prove you can support yourself FAQ here. If meet those requirements then a GC → 6 month ARC extension → APRC it s viable route.

Price wise it’s NT$1000 for a 6 month ARC extension and NT$1500 for a 1 year GC extension.

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Be aware that the Gold Card does not grant you an exemption from renouncing your original citizenship, so that route might also not be viable for everyone.


That’s only for senior/high level foreign professionals, which different from special foreign professionals


Thanks. I do need an open permit (self-employed) so I guess I’ll extend the GC

You can also get the job-seeking visa though, which may be easier than extending GC. I guess that’s what I meant instead of ARC extension.

btw the site has made it clear now:

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hmm, maybe getting off-topic now, but it seems the qualifications have changed. It pre-selects my prior one, but the description has changed. It used to list “information and communication” as something you could have 8+ years experience in to qualify, now it says “information and communication hardware”.

Those who have held a specialized or interdisciplinary positions at a semiconductors, optoelectronics, information and communication, electronic circuit design, biotechnology/medical materials, precision machinery, transportation, systems integration, consultancy, or green energy company in the “manufacturing sector” or “related technology services sectors”, and have more than eight years of work experience in related fields.

Now it says:

Those who have held a specialized or interdisciplinary positions at a semiconductors, optoelectronics, information and communication hardware, electronic circuit design, biotechnology/medical materials, precision machinery, transportation, consultancy, or green energy company in the manufacturing sector or related technology services sectors (except for information services and software related sectors), and have more than eight years of work experience in these related fields; or have held a position as senior executive in “MICE” (Meeting, Incentive travel, Convention, and Exhibition) services sectors, and have more than eight years of work experience in MICE.

So I don’t think I’m qualified anymore, and will have to do the job-seeking visa…

So you’re just like the rest of us plebs.

Maybe you too should up a “plebier” account HSBC :crazy_face: it’s more fitting for us plebs than a special premier account.

I got one in Hong Kong online a few weeks ago using my (now renounced) Australian passport.

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They have since introduced the digital field - which caused the other fields to become more “narrow”:

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To apply for an APRC, the applicant must prove that they, in the most recent year (either the past 12 months before application, or the calendar year before application) had an average monthly income more than twice the minimum monthly wage

Question: does foreign-sourced income count for this? I have a business in the US as my sole income. Well, that and US stocks/dividends

There has been reports in the Gold Card community previously of successfully using a Taiwan tax document that shows the foreign-sourced income. Some Gold Card holders have also used an EOR service to have it as local income on the tax document as the process is believed to go much smoother this way.

I guess there hasn’t been any news on this?

@Mataiou Did you try to go the citizenship route? I am considering this too but not sure how big of a hurdle it is to be considered a high level professional. The process seems rather arbitrary whether or not one particular ministry thinks you meet the standard.

Not eligible yet, still 1 yr, but considering, but yes, completely aleatory


Saw this on the Facebook gold card group just now - maybe it’s relevant to some people:

I would like to give caution to anyone to anyone planning to convert their Gold Card to an APRC. Because my gold card was close to expiration, per the guidance on the Gold Card website and this forum I applied for a job-based ARC before my Gold Card was expired.

At that time, I asked the office workers if it would be possible after obtaining the other ARC to still apply for the APRC after 3 years, and they confirmed that I could. Then last week I went to apply for an APRC at the immigration office in Kaohsiung, but the office said they couldn’t process it and needed to contact the main office in Taipei as their was a technical issue.

Today the Kaohsiung immigration office contacted me and told me there was no way for me to Apply for an APRC as I didn’t hold the gold card for the full 3 years, and my current job does not match the specialization of my gold card. I tried contacting the gold card office today, but all they suggested was filling out an appeal online and could not offer any other help.

The only option I was given was to wait the full 5 years like a typical ARC holder. I would suggest anyone in the same position to apply for the job seeking visa over getting a work permit from your employer even if you are not able to work, as it seems the immigration office has some internal requirements for an APRC application from a Gold Card that they haven’t made clear to the public and seem arbitrary.

(I’ve just copied it as posted, though I added paragraphs.)