APRC Application Checklist (part 2)


Complete your divorce process before changing your residence address. You and your wife may agree on terms now and she may seem reasonable now.

However, spousal abandonment is one of the few reasons for filing for divorce under ROC law. Which means that in case she wants that shiny car or your apartment or cash, she can file for divorce in court (“sentenced divorce”). You can do some research on this forum how that has played out for quite a number of foreigners…


The 2017 Minimum Monthly Wage is 21009 so the latest requirement should be 504216, right?
My company did some deduction (food expenses) so the total income in my tax filling receipt (kou jiao ping dan) is only 486.000. It means I’m not eligible to apply APRC or Taiwan citizenship?
Can I use the next year labor contract with the salary over 43000 as alternative?


And of course no employer files the correct amount. I tried to do an amended return this year, and I was told by the tax bureau that that is not necessary, and I was told by someone else my employer might come under scrutiny. I have asked my employer to take out the full amount, and they said no. Labor bureau said there was nothing they could do and the tax people said it is not legally required. Not even required to deduct labor insurance.

A coworker of mine got his, and he said they just looked at his taxes paid.

Sweet jesus! What is this place?


Which labor office was that, and what kind of employer is it (industry and type of business)?

The municipal labor department has no authority to handle tax or insurance, though at the very least they should have told you they can forward your communication to the local branch of the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

You can report the irregularities to the tax office (NTB) and the BLI, and they’ll probably ask you for more information/evidence in Chinese rather than take the initiative to investigate.

What the labor department definitely can do is conduct mediation between you and your employer (expect it to take a few weeks to arrange), but that’s usually the last step before going to court.

The labor inspection office (or whatever they’re calling it these days – it belongs to the labor department btw) can also investigate the employer for labor standards (overtime, safety, etc.). In Taipei they have a new office in Wanhua, apparently; I’m not sure if the one in Jingmei is still there.

Requests for inspection can be made anonymously (i.e. the inspector won’t be allowed to reveal your identity), but they always say that limits their ability to take action and suggest you check the box giving them permission to say it’s you.


My understanding is you need to show the tax evidence, not just a labor contract.

It’s perfectly normal to call part of the wage (or salary, same thing) a food allowance, and the tax and labor authorities normally do recognize this as part of the wage, as long as it’s accurately reported. (See Art. 2 of the Labor Standards Act.) If you don’t get anywhere with requests for inspection, but you have proof that you’re paid the allowance every month, talk to a lawyer.


I went to the county branch of both Labor and Taxation.

Its a buxiban, private cram school, anjingban, whatever they call them.

At the labor bureau they said just go get another job, and reiterated there was nothing they could, or would, do about it. When I pushed him on the issue he said about the only thing they would do is help to void the contract so I could leave the country.

The tax bureau said they were not going to look into it.

It may be different in Taipei, but from my understanding what gets said or done outside the capital is up to the person you are talking to. That includes NIA.


There’s also some of that in Taipei. Sometimes you just need to come back the next day and talk to a different person.

When administrative channels are blocked, you can turn to the judiciary, and when that fails, there’s always the CY (and of course the media).

If you just need to prove your income, it’s probably faster and easier to get a new job than to wait x years for all the appeals to be exhausted. :roll: