APRC : Can I be a huzhang 戶長?

What would it take for me to be able to register as a 戶長 (huzhang), head of household?

I understand that just having an ARC doesn’t allow me to do this.
If I applied for the APRC, would that then be permissible?

Taiwan citizenship.

Nope. To the Taiwanese and the Taiwanese government, there is no difference between an ARC and an APRC. Notice the acronyms. They are [color=#FF0000]A.[/color]R.C. ([color=#FF0000]Alien[/color] Resident Certificate and [color=#FF0000]A.[/color]P.R.C. ([color=#FF0000]Alien[/color] Permanent Resident Certificate.

It actually should be P.A.R.C. (Permanent Alien Resident Certificate) and that’s why you see so many foreigners incorrectly refering to it in this way. However, to the Taiwanese the most important thing is to ensure that it’s duly noted that we are first [color=#FF0000]Aliens (outsiders)[/color] before noting that we have permanent residency. :thumbsdown:

Much appreciated, NS. I was hoping that the ‘permanent’ bit in APRC might have allowed for a concession in this area.

Me, too. I actually went to the HHR to install myself as the head of the household the day I received my APRC back in 2006. They could have cared less! :fume: